Hermès Fidelio Pendant
  • Blind Spot Jewellery Forever Pendant
    You can fill up this sterling pendant with coloured wooden bricks. You've got the choice of 4 coloures, you've got 8-8 square bricks and there are also 2 triangles. In the future I plan to make some additional fillings too. You slide the tiles into the frame and then you pull the black leather string thight that closes the top. I asked my mathematician brother how many combinations can one create with this setup. He made some quick calculations and the result is: If you use all 4 coloures, both the triangles and the square tiles you can make 983040 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) different pendants (including that on the back side you have the "opposite" combination) (actually for the wooden version you get 8 trangles instead of 2, so make your own calculation;) I think it is around 4million. Let's say that I sell this jewel for 300 money. It means that for this price you have 983040 pendants, so you only pay 0.00030517578 money for one pendant. It is practicly free!! Don't miss this occasion!! One more reason to buy it: If you wear every day a different combination, you will be more than 2693 years old when you finish it and by that time you can update the coulours and shapes to extend it by a couple of thousand years.
  • Saloukee Kio cotton/wood pendant
    A beautifully simplistic, lightweight pendant for easy wear, for dress up or down, for all fashion savvy guys and gals out there. The word ‘Kio’ is the Ethiopian Mursi tribes word for ‘wood’ and hints at the origin of just some of the inspirations for the White // Wood collection. All jewellery is made by hand in England and comes beautifully packaged in our Saloukee packaging.
  • Pandora Charm - Pau Amarelo Wood & Sterling Silver
    A sunny yellow charm of pau amarelo wood adds natural brightness to your bracelet. Logo-engraved sterling silver trim displays the Pandora signature.
  • McQ Charm Pendant
    Thin chain necklace with McQ charms; features horn, McQ logo and Swallow. Brass hardware with gold and silver finish. Dimensions: Circumference 23.4Inches. Material: Brass.
  • Be-Jewelled Amber Wood Pendant, Cognac
    An unusual rectangular wooden pendant from Be-Jewelled, set with a vivid block of cognac orange amber. With a comfy leather necklet and sterling silver lobster clasp fastening. Be-Jewelled specialises in unique hand cut Baltic Amber jewellery, hence shapes, sizes, markings and colour of stones may vary. Each piece of jewellery is individually crafted. Length: 47 cm leather necklet; pendant W:2.3 cm x H:4.5 cm. Brand : Be-Jewelled. Jewellery Type : Pendants. Main Stone Type : Amber. Material : Wood.