I used to have a big crush on Taylor Lautner, just like every other girl did in the 7th grade when the Twilight craze was going around. I mean, he is pretty cute and has a great body, but he kind of looks like a dog. No offense to him or anything :P

Now, I don't have a celebrity crush (well, maybe a little for Ezra Fitz/Ian Harding). But I LOVE well-dressed, intelligent, funny, and non-douchy guys. Especially those who dress preppily. Is that even an adverb? Whatever.

Even though I don't have a celebrity crush...that model for Brooks Brothers is HOT. His name is Ryan Koning, and he models for Brooks Brothers frequently.

Male model + prep clothing = EYEGASM.

I think I'm going to make a Tumblr full of pictures of hot prep men. I'll let you all know :)

hahaha well I love Ian Harding. And he dresses sort-of preppily in PLL. But only because he's a teacher and dresses teacher-like.

Speaking of teachers, my government teacher was a TOTAL prep. I didn't have a crush on him because he was 40 and kinda short. But I loved his class. And his clothes XD

xoxo, S. ♥

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