Name: Ashley Williams
Quote: "Good, bad...I'm the girl with the gun."
A year ago, the best word to describe Ash would have been "cowardly." She couldn't watch horror movies without hiding behind a pillow, hated ghost stories at summer camp, and wouldn't know how to use a chainsaw if you replaced her arm with it. But that was before she, her boyfriend, and their friends took off for a weekend at a popular cabin for partying up in the mountains. She came back a fighter, with blood on her hands, a fearless attitude, and a brand-new wisecracking sense of humor. The official story is that her friends were murdered by escaped convicts passing through, and Ash isn't saying any different. She'd sound crazy if she tried to explain what really happened. And other than the "evil" version of herself she sometimes hallucinates, Ash isn't crazy. Right?
Based on: Ash (EVIL DEAD)
Suggested Model: Anabela Belikova
Taken by:
Name: Tabitha Greene
Quote: " I mean, all the kids think I'm funny, and I don't wanna be. I wanna be normal, I wanna start to try me, a whole person, before it's too late for me to..."
Tabitha grew up in a very religious home with her single mother. She spent her whole life being teased for who she was, and at first, she was okay with that. But one day, something strange happened to Tabitha. Something very strange. She’s never said anything about it to anyone else, and she’s been trying to ignore it, but she can sense it anyways. She tries to act like her mother’s perfect child, but it just makes her life worse. Home, for Tabitha, is h-ll. And at school, things don’t get better. They get worse. Her hopeless crush on the most popular guy in school just gives people another reason to tease her. But they better watch out – if everyone’s not careful, Tabitha’s secret just might kill us all.
Based on: Carrie (CARRIE)
Suggested Model: Emily Wake
Taken by:
Name: Ami Akiyama
Quote: "Words create lies. Pain can be trusted."
At first, Ami seems like the perfect girl: she's polite, warm-hearted, and easy-going, the kind of girl you could easily bring home to your family. On the surface, anyway; below it, she's a bubbling pot of jealousy, distrust, and deep unhappiness. She wants to believe that there's a man out there who won't lie to her and will devote himself to her entirely, but so far, she's had no luck... thankfully, she knows just how to deal with men like that. And it ain't pretty.
Based on: Asami (AUDITION)
Suggested Model: Kiko Mizuhara
Taken by:
Based on: Laurie (HALLOWEEN)
Suggested Model: Jennifer Lawrence
Taken by:
Name: Veronica Wilder
Quote: "Do you just expect me to do something or say something? What do you want me to do?"
Veronica’s a big skeptic. She, like Misty, is constantly attached to her video camera, but unlike Misty, she prefers to stay out of the way. All this supernatural bullsh-t that people are talking about? That seems ridiculous, and Veronica could care less. She likes to get information right from the source, and the police are the logical answer. Whatever they’re going to say, she trusts. She’s goofy, but can be a little obnoxious at times. She’s a definite Type A personality, and she has to be in control of everything that happens. When she and Misty butt heads looking for sources, Misty usually comes out on top, leaving Veronica in the dust. Veronica’s just missing something that other reporters have. But that’s okay, because she’s planning to remedy that. If the news doesn’t come out with a statement soon, she’s going to go out to that cabin in the woods and find out what happened there herself…
Based on: Heather (BLAIR WITCH PROJECT)
Suggested Model: Darla Baker
Taken by:
Name: Miranda North
Quote: "That's why it's perfect! It's sort of against the rules, but not really."
Mir’s a bit of a nerd. She watches horror and sci-fi movies obsessively, and she LOVES talking about them…with anyone and everyone. In fact, it takes quite a lot to shut her up. She knows every stereotype possible, and can give about five different reasons that dumb blonde on the screen shouldn’t open that door. Beyond that, she knows all the camera angles that film producers use that induce fear…stuff like that. It’s no surprise, then, that everyone wants Mir to just shut up sometimes. But now, Mir’s horror movie obsession seems less obnoxious. Because those rules Mir thinks apply to all horror movies? They just might start applying to real life.
Based on: Randy (SCREAM)
Suggested Model: Julija Steponaviciute
Taken by:
Name: Jane H. Merrill
Quote: "Everytime I think about something nice, you remind me of bad things. I only want to talk about the nice things."
Jane was a minor child star when she was young, the revenue from her commercials and film roles being her parents' sole income until she outgrew the cute-blonde-child look in her early teens - around the time her sister, Bianca, began growing into her own looks and the shower of modeling and acting offers began. Jane still clings to her former glory days, expecting to still be treated like America's sweetheart after her career's gone sour, while Bianca's flourishes. Her jealousy is beginning to consume her, and she'd do anything to be back in the spotlight...
Suggested Model: Lindsay Ellingson
Taken by:
Name: Misty Snowe
Quote: "Why don't you start by introducing yourselves?"
Misty is always getting in someone’s face. She’s really one of the guys, and she’s forward and knows how to get what she wants. She has a filthy mouth, and she swears like a sailor. Everyone knows it. But Misty has great aspiration: she wants to be a reporter. She competes with the other reporters to get the best angle for her story. And with her beauty and charisma, it’s not always hard to get into the cooler places and interview the coolest people. But nothing’s really come of Misty’s work yet. She thinks all that could change, though, if she could break some top news on the Rebecca case. If she could be the one to discover a clue about Rebecca’s death – or, better yet, the identity of Rebecca’s killer – she’d be set for life. Watch out for Misty, ‘cause even when she’s not shoving a camera in your face or stepping on your toes, she’s still watching. She watches everyone.
Based on: Angela (REC/QUARANTINE)
Suggested Model: Ashley Madekwe
Taken by:
Name: Rhiannon Eastwood
Quote: "What an excellent day for an exorcism."
Rhiannon’s a beautiful girl – beautiful, but disturbed. Her mother is a film star, and she’s become kind of used to living under her shadow. She tolerates it, and nothing more. She finds herself constantly used because everyone wants to get a taste of fame. All she’s really looking for is some human connection, but she can’t find one anywhere. It’s fair to say, then, that her mother might be to blame for the fits that overcome her sometimes. Usually, they happen when she’s alone, but recently, she’s been less able to control them. It’s like she loses control of her mouth and body. She finds herself saying raunchy things she never would and dancing lewdly in clubs. But if she’s not careful, a dirty mouth will be the last thing she has to worry about. Whatever’s wrong with Rhiannon can’t be satisfied with petty teenage games for long.
Based on: Regan (THE EXORCIST)
Suggested Model: Lindsey Byard
Taken by:
Name: Whitney Price
Every horror story's gotta have a token slutty blonde - why should this be any different? Whitney's plans for the summer involved drinking, flirting, and bed-hopping between any guys she finds worthy of her, not murder and suspicion sweeping through her peaceful little town like a plague. And the stress is totally not good for her complexion. She's catty, mean, and superficial, and those traits would spell out her death were there a masked killer of teens on the loose. Whitney had better watch her back, because now, it's not only her social-climber friends trying to stab her in it.
Suggested Model: Diana Farkhullina
Taken by:
Name: Belladonna Wilson
Quote: "Why do you wear that stupid bunny suit?"
Belladonna’s name is quite the mouthful. Everyone has trouble saying it, especially her therapist, who dreads no other visits quite like Belladonna’s. Growing up, Belladonna seemed normal, but that all changed one night at home alone. Of course, all her family saw was the knife in her hands, but Belladonna knew better: she saw Frank. Since then, Frank (seen mostly costumed in a bunny suit) has showed up often, giving her advice in life. She seems to appreciate his presence, but there’s just something spooky about him. No one else can ever see him. He only gives messages to Belladonna. Everyone thinks she’s mad for even thinking these things, but there’s got to be some kind of explanation for why she knows the answers to tomorrow’s pop quiz that no one knew about – or how she knew to save Devon’s life in the cafeteria last week. But if that’s all true, then why didn’t she know to save Rebecca?
Based on: Donnie (DONNIE DARKO)
Suggested Model: Daisy Lowe
Taken by:
Name: Marie Loomis
Quote: "You know what I think? I think that we're all in our private traps, clamped in them, and none of us can ever get out. We scratch and we claw, but only at the air, only at each other, and for all of it, we never budge an inch."
"Sometimes, we deliberately step into those traps."
Marie's only been in town a short time, and nobody's quite sure of her reasons for picking up and leaving so abruptly - she arrived with hardly more than the clothes on her back and a single suitcase. Rumor has it that she's on the run from an abusive boyfriend. The truth? Unhappy and bored with her relationship with her boyfriend and boss, Marie decided on the spur of the moment to take the cash and run, leaving her dull life as a secretary behind forever. She'd like to make a fresh start - and to make sure her secret stays just that. And maybe to find an apartment or house, anywhere but the creepy, run-down motel she's been living at. There's just something off about the place, and she's not sure she wants to know why: she knows better than anyone that some things should stay a secret.
Based on: Marion (PSYCHO)
Suggested Model: Hailey Clauson
Taken by:
Name: Lux Stark
Age: 18
Quote: "What's wrong with killing? Everyone's got their reasons."
"Lux Stark has died. Physically? Just a moment ago. Mentally? Ages ago." Lux's parents divorced when she was very young, the only memory of her father being a ring that she never takes off. Despite her father's absence, she lived fairly happily until she was nine and the stress and inability to find a steady job began getting to her mother, already emotionally unstable from the divorce. Not content just to sell her own body to pay the bills, she sold her daughter's as well, multiple times, often to many men at once. Due to this, she sees sex as a transaction, a painful indignity that one must suffer to get what they want. After her mother's death, she continued to support herself through seducing and then attacking and stealing from men, along with the two members of her little gang. She's very manipulative, considers sex to be the solution to every conflict, and has an extreme hatred of men; there's a reason the nickname whispered behind her back is "Hardcore."
Based on: Mitsuko (BATTLE ROYALE)
Suggested Model: Anna Christine Speckhart
Taken by: @teenidle
Quote: "I'm having an old friend for dinner."
Based on: Hannibal Lecter (SILENCE OF THE LAMBS)
Suggested Model: Ariana Grande
Taken by: @the-clary-project
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Wrote 4 years ago
Is this rp still active? Because these characters are ahmazing.

Wrote 4 years ago
@ducktape the second one is way better than the first because: #1 more comedy elements, #2 NO TREE SCENE. JESUS CHRIST WHAT WAS THE TREE SCENE.

Wrote 4 years ago
I really love all the characters ;___; y no Freddy Krueger tho?
That being said omg I made a set for Marie Loomis :3 :3 :3

Wrote 4 years ago
@ducktape i do actually have netflix.
i'll have to check this out.
at some point. :3




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