Hot Summer Nights, Mid-July, When You and I Were Forever Wild

•Bonnie Frances Crawford
It’s surprising how well dumb luck works for Bonnie. She has been in the center of many cataclysmic events and can’t really tell you how she got out of them. In fact, she might not even be sure she was in them in the first place. Somehow, her blind optimism allows her to cruise through life relatively unscathed. “My car broke down on the highway, but a thin, tall gentleman with big eyes and an otherwise featureless face gave me a lift. I don’t really remember the car ride…or the car… just a strange…lingering smell…like pennies and burnt rubber and ozone…but still! What luck!” Despite her apparent disconnect from reality, she is by no means stupid and is indispensable as a nurse at Allgood Springs General Hospital and has dealt with everything from radiation poisoning to re-animation.
Model: Jessica Chastain
Taken by: @unicorns-and-sugarcubes (hopefully)

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Wrote three years ago
Hey, I'm trying to work up a non-playable collection, and I was wondering if Carrie had a job or anything? Just in case people need an extra for their stories, ya know?


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