@hazzaslittlekitten Here you go dear I hope you like it! :)"Mom why the heck would you take me on my birthday trip to Colorado, you know I hate the snow" "Doll your father and I wanted to go here and we thought you would like it" Your mom shouted back at you. You didn’t want to be in the middle of Colorado on your birthday. You wanted to be in sunny Florida, getting tan and watching the hot beach boys walk by. But no your parents dragged you on a 7 hour flight from your home town of Cincinnati to got watch your parents ski. You hated skiing so most of the time you sat in the cabin on the computer or reading magazines. "Mom then what do you expect me to do other than stay on my computer" Your mom looked at you and said "darling you packed that swim suit. Why don't you give it a run. Go put it on and sit in the hottub outside the cabin." Hey you thought about it and it wasn’t such a bad idea. So you grabbed the yellow swimsuit, put on a smidge of red lipstick, and braided your hair and off you went. You got to the hottub and you sat down in the warm water. You let itcome around your body . You closed your eyes and drifted into a small relaxtion state. That was until the water moved and you opened your eyes to see a brown curly haired boy sitting in the water to. "oh sorry dear I didn’t mean to wake you" he said in a thick British accent "oh no your fine" you whispered. "hey, I am Harry, Harry Styles, and you are?" "oh I'm Y/N" he shoke your hand and pulled out a fruit pop and offered you one. You took the popscile and you two talked to whole night away. You talked so long the hottub got cold! "oh gosh, this water is getting cold" Harry moved close to you and pushed your braid behind your ear and said "lemme keep you warm" and he did exactly that . "Harry did you know today is my birthday?" He responed with a sly smile "Oh dear I didn’t, are you having a good birthday?" "no, not really I would much rather be in Florida and my parents are too busy with work to worry about my birthday so I didn’t really get a gift" Harry leaned in a pushed his soft pink lips onto yours and said "well there is a gift" you smiled and he continued "but that was just a pre-present meet me at my cabin, cabin 2 tonight at 10:00 if you want the full present:" Harry kissed your forhead and before you knew it he was gone. You walked back to your cabin and your parents said "aww good you are back, hey we meet some other parents in the lounge and they said they have a boy your age who is looking for someone to hang with tonight, go find him, his name is Harry and he is in Cabin 2" Your mom handed you 100 dollars and said "you and this boy can even go pick out something in the louge for your birthday present" You looked up at your mom and said "don’t worry, he is my present, I don’t need anything but him"
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