House of the rising Sun

Collection featuring J Brand Jackets, Marc by Marc Jacobs Clutches, and 19 other items

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Wrote three years ago
ahahah you're more than welcome, darling! I adore your collection, they're a great inspiration for me! And don't worry, I've been busy because of college too, in this period! Can't wait to see your new sets and collections! ;) xo

Wrote three years ago
@whispertothewind Really? Really? Oh dear, I don't thing that you know how happy you made me! I am smiling uncontrollably! :)
I know it's been a while, college hates me, hahah, but from now on, I will spend more time on poly. You are wonderfuuuul! Thank you! <3

Wrote three years ago
finally, a new collection!!! *-* Do you know how much I wait for your collections?? :3 I love them! And this one is flawless, as always!! ;) xxx


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