I invited the @taemilky team to my housewarming party for three reasons: Onew, Daesung, and Mir. Awesome team :)
My Story:
[Hyuna's POV]:
After me and AJ got back with the groceries, We gave them to Eli, the master chef of the group, and got set to decorating. After a while I had to help Eli in the kitchen so that it would go faster. Standing in the kitchen with Eli was.....a dream come true to me. There was more heat coming off of my cheeks than there was from the stove. As I was cutting the vegetables to go into the spicy crab soup(omg delicious you guys must try it) I noticed Eli looking at me.
"Can I help you with something Eli?", I asked while trying not to sound rude or too giddy. "Sorry for looking, but I just noticed that your way of cutting is a little bit off", he said while coming closer. "Do it like this", he instructed gently. Before I could even register what was happening, he had his arms over me and his hands over mine, helping me to chop correctly. Now I knew my cheeks were showing the heat. I was inwardly deciding whether I should keep myself in his arms or if i should tell him to get off, when someone's voice ripped right through my little "Eli Neverland". "Hurry up in there guys, Minah's team will come in 20 Minutes.", yelled SeungHyun who seemed too distracted to notice that I was in Eli's arms. Eli pulled away from me(and my cheeks were very thankful) and we got back to work. "I'm going to get dressed now ok? You'll be fine by yourself right?" I asked him, still feeling light headed. "Absolutely, Go ahead", he said smiling. I turned to leave, feeling extremely happy, when I caught AJ's eye. Had he been watching the entire time?? For some odd reason I felt it was ok to leave it. When I was done getting ready, Minah's team had just arrived. "Annyonghaseyo" I greeted them nicely. "Please just sit anywhere you want and Joon and I will bring you some drinks." Joon and I went and gave them the drinks. Immediately after we ate dinner(which I may add tasted delicious), Joon went and sat down with Mir, Eli with Onew, SeungHyun with Daesung, and AJ with Junhyun. Of course, being the girls, Minah and I were talking about nothing in general but were still talking. "Hey where did SeungHyun go off to?" I asked. He came out not even a second later carrying his guitar. "Yah, play a song for us" I asked excitedly. SeungHyun's guitar is the best. As he played, I kept taking glances at Eli. I mean how can I help myself? I've liked him forever and he just made it worse earlier, embracing me like that. When SeungHyun the guitar master was done, Minah's team decided it was time to leave. I made Minah promise to come over again so I would have a girl to talk to. She agreed to make it soon and they left. Joon and I were stuck with dishes :( While we were washing, I couldn't stop thinking about AJ. The way he looked at me when i walked out of the kitchen. "Is something wrong noona?," asked Joon. "Well, kind of", I answered. "Have you ever liked someone and thought they liked you back, but then you start to think maybe you should be with someone else?", I asked/rambled. "Hmmm. Not really", said Joon. "But whatever is going on, I think you should follow your heart.", he said. "Well goodnight, Joon. Rest early"' I said while walking to bed.
Personally, I don't really like the way that turned out, but it's the best I can do for now :) Hope you enjoyed this little roleplay.
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