POMPEII by Bastille

i like this song..idk if it's cool or whatnot.

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i came in last btw but whatever this whole injury thing is still a thing.

name - isabel “issy” claire cunningham

age - seventeen

hometown - Sydney, Australia 

likes - dieting, knee socks, high-waisted shorts, looking thin, being in control of her weight, cute boys, parties, champagne, vintage movies, oxfords, loose clothing, indie rock music, photography, exercising, tea, horses, boyfriends
dislikes - eating, gaining weight, loosing control, having people worry about her, stress, school work, drama, casual relationships, random hookups, pop music, her sister, wannabes, bugs, full bowls of food, being forced to do things, sports

personality traits - sweet, outgoing, kind, eccentric, spacey, compassionate, stubborn, laid-back, motivated, charismatic, cunning, exact, fickle 

style - Comfy, loose-fitting, indie, vintage; very girly

bio - Issy was born into a highly affluent family to two successful socialites in Manhattan. Her family moved to Sydney when she and her twin sister, Clara, were three, where her parents found new work and became extremely busy. Issy and her sister were often left alone with a nanny while their parents attended galas, meetings, and charity events without them. Her time at school went very well, and she got good grades, made many friends, and soon became popular. Throughout her time at high school, she would work hard during the week and party on the weekends, but always put on a clean face for when her parents took her and her sister to events. As she got older, Issy's parents became more fond of her than her Clara and took her to more social events, trying to transform her into a socialite, after failing with her unruly twin. The pressure of being perfect and impressing influential people who could help her get into college, find ideal internships, and essentially give her a life like her parents began to overwhelm Issy. She began to work harder in school, stop going out with any of her friends, and began extreme dieting. She became fixated on being perfect and thin until she stopped eating completely. Her parents soon put her in an institution shortly after she OD'ed on amphetamines trying to stay up to write her valedictorian speech, as she was to graduate a year early. After a few months of therapy, Issy was sent to Virginia Hills, a 'transition school', where she would repeat her junior year to come back to her old school for her senior year.

reason for being at the school - anorexia

relationship status: single 



name - Kyle Krandall 
age - 18
reason for being in the center - Attempted suicide/depression
model - Francisco Lachowski 
reserved for - @m00n-child

name - Phineas 'Finny' Vanderbilt
age - 17
reason for being in the center - anorexia (men can get it too, ya know)
model - Jack Harries
reserved for - @m00n-child

*Issy's pretty friendly, although she has a really short attention span and gets easily distracted. she's willing to be friends with most people, but she also needs enemies so comment below relationships/inclusion for the first event

**Issy could be in the west dorms, but she would have this social anxiety and argh but either works so yeah...
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