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I'm slightly obsessed with this song. 

Hey look! I made a set: @wakeupfarah @lemonade-lagoon.
I've been kinda absent on polyvore this year. I want to change that. I'm definitely going to be posting more sets soon and definitely some stories. I miss writing. I miss actually being capable of forming sentences that don't start with "HOMG" "LOL" and "Like seriously, bro." I feel myself getting dumber by the second and I have a strong feeling that a lack of reading and writing is my main culprit. 

-My birthday passed on the 16th. I am now 25. It's horrible, I know. 
-I interviewed for a new job and got it. Le gasp! I don't start for a while but Idc. It will give me time to dye my hair pink and buy tons of business type clothes. [I know those two don't sound like they go together, but they totally do.. idk how but they do.] 
-I have become utterly obsessed with nail art. So much so that I haven't purchased anything for myself that wasn't nail art related. It's a bit sad, honestly. 
-I have two new blogger crushes: Roxy [] and Ascia & Ahmad []
-For the past month or so, I haven't been able to go a day without eating what I call a "blogger breakfast." If you follow as many bloggers on instagram as I do, you know what I mean. If you're a NORMAL person, blogger breakfast loosely translates to a combo of yogurt, fresh fruit and granola or quinoa. It's yummy and I la-la-laaahve it. 
-I've been on instagram and pinterest WAAAAY too much in the past few months. I think that's what I've been subbing my polyvore time with, which is just upsetting to say the least. 
-Mother nature has apparently decided that New York is actually now Hoth, ergo we have been completely covered in snow and apparently there's more on the way [Kill me now.] Nothing makes you hate snow quite like realizing how ugly your snow boots are. I was definitely NOT prepared for this kind of winter. 
-I miss you guys. Like actually MISS some of you, which sucks. Outside of polyvore, most people don't understand why a person would have an almost inhuman urge to purchase shoes that cost the same price as my rent. Like, the struggle is real. It's hard finding us fashiony people in the real world. 
All in all, normal people suck.
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