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hey everyone,

♡ another draft set today since i'm too tired from my geography trip and i've been snuggled up in bed trying to warm myself up after trekking around in the cold all day. 

♡ for those asking about the geography trip, yesterday we did a city study along three locations in the area - a harbour side, town centre and an estate. we had to record information regarding `rebranding` of the area. we stayed at this discovery / environmental / geographical centre, where we were given a room [ with bunk beds ] . i managed to slip off a step on the bunk bed and now have a huge chunk of skin missing from my thigh and a fairly large blue bruise. great.
today we did a study of a river - measuring about 30km altogether, i think - and we had to visit several sites ranging from the source to the mouth of the river, in order to obtain information. i was placed in a group with two stuck up cows and one of my best friends. the stuck up girls proceeded to tell me to record the information and calculate the necessary sums. i was then shouted at by said girls because i hadn't helped obtain the information [when i was clearly told just to record it]. after we finished all of this, everyone piled back onto the bus and thankfully i was sat with a group of girls from my form class and we sang along to music, laughed and traded gossip, it was brill. 

♡ thank you for all your kind words on my previous sets, it means a lot to me and currently i don't have time to thank everyone who likes and comments on them, but i'm thankful.

stay rad

- chlo♡
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