Monday: work work work! Then head out to the Airport. We are going to Amsterdam! 

Flashback (because I couldn’t write the whole break up seen because it makes me sad)

“Hey Noah sorry I am late” I said as I ran upto the gate of his friends house. I had officially had the worst day, first Cleo calls and is well Cleo and then a wonderful running in with lord leon. Not mention my essay on Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences completely sucked. So being able to be with Noah tonight was like a gift from god.
He looked at me and huffed “Don’t apologize” he said sounding cold, unemotional. I’d never ever heard him like that.
“Uhm okay” I said with a shrug maybe he had a bad to “So your ready par-tay” I said trying to break the tension. It just didn’t feel right. 
“Your not invited” he snapped , I looked at him trying to mask my hurt “What’s going on?” I said dumbly how could he go from being my Noah to this, this guy who hated me or at least acted like he did.

“You tell me Scarlett if that is your real name?” He said angrily , I looked at him confused what did I do wrong “ Of course its my name. Noah what’s going on?” I asked desperately 

“Cleo Cat Club ring any bells Scar?” he said with an eye roll , I looked at him stunned “Noah its not what you think” I mumbled suddenly feeling very small. I no longer mattered , he hated me and I had no one else.

“What you just go there to check the growing trend of underclothes as outside clothes” he snapped , I looked down “well or maybe I got it wrong maybe you just go to check the girls out?” I felt tears well up in my eyes.

“No” I muttered hopelessly. It hurt I had no idea what to say, I couldn’t think of any ideas, excuses.
“So it is exactly what I think it is , you should just go Scar. I can’t look at you right now” I stood there like an idiot.

I walked aimlessly through Heathrow looking like a homeless person, to be honest they probably had it better then me. After all people (charities) cared from them. I had no one.

I frowned as I sat on one of those crappy airport seats waiting to hear my flight being called.

I guess the positive is I could completely out of it and forget about all my problems, I could forget everything.

I sighed as I slipped in my headphones. Airports were always too loud for my liking.

I looked up at the random timetables looking for my flight , when would it boarding I just wanted to get out of here.

Out of this city.

Out of this country.

Hell if I could I’d prefer to get out of this continent .

Boarding in 15 minutes maybe I should starting heading over perhaps I could some sleep on the plane.
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