Zayn- It's simple, he hugs you. Being in his arms makes you feel safe and happy again. 
Louis- He tells you to play piano for him. It calms your nerves and he loves to hear you play, so it's a win-win. 
Harry- He spams you with Teenager Posts. He knows they'll make you smile, no matter how bad of a mood you're in. 
Liam- He grabs ever book he can hold and takes them outside. He and you read out on the lawn together, him to you and you to him. You both enjoy each other's company and a good book as well. 
Niall- He takes you swimming. The water makes you relax and joyful, and it also makes you think about things from a different perspective. 

Requested by my dearest @directioner4444 
I hope you like it!

I think I'll only do 1D for this one...

[X]-How he makes you feel better
[ ]-How he likes your hair
[ ]-He does your hair
[ ]-Cute moments
[ ]-Cute text messages

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