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-Claire @forever-infinite 

 After my birthday at the signing, Liam and I talked constantly. We just had this unstoppable bond. I went back to New York and he continued on with work and such. By the time I finished the year, it was mid May because all my classes’ exams were early. I stayed in the city and just explored. Being so busy with school, I never got to see the city. I went to the Empire State Building, a Broadway show, went to the Today Show, the Statue of Liberty and many other places. At about eleven pm on the 25 of May, I got a text from Liam:

 Just finished our East Rutherford, NJ show..driving to the city now :) can i come pick you up in the morning ? xx Liam

 I answered saying yes, really excited as I hadn’t seen him (or any of the boys I guess) since March. I went to bed soon after giving him the address and a good time to come get me.

*Next Morning; 9 AM*
 Liam picked me up in a car and I became confused when we started driving somewhere outside of the city where I had never been. I think Liam sensed my puzzling and explained.
 “I’m taking you to a cute little town I’ve heard about.” He smiled.
 Just a few minutes after going over the Tappan Zee Bridge the car stopped and let us out in a place called Nyack. What I saw was a small, sweet main street lined with family-owned businesses and coffee shops. “C’mon let’s get breakfast in here.” Liam motioned towards a cafe. 
 After eating, we continued walking downhill towards what looked like the river. At the bottom was a park with a playground and sports fields. We went and sat on a bench by the rocks lining the water. 
 “So Liam. You never told me why you switched our phones back in Florida in March.”
 He grinned as if reminiscing about that day. “I don’t know. I guess it was a spur-of-the-moment thing. I just saw that you weren’t a crazy fan but you almost weren’t interested in us. That intrigued me and I wanted a reason to see you again. Plus, I thought you were gorgeous. Still are really.” He smiled and I just blushed.
 “Well I’ll be honest. I really wasn’t excited about spending my birthday there, but now, I’m glad I had to go. If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have known that you guys are more than just a boy band with cute faces. You have substance and I like that.”
 “And I don’t think you realize how much I love that you realize that. Wait, what are you doing for the rest of the summer?” He asked abruptly.
 “I think just styaing here. I don’t have the money to go home again. Why?”
 “Come with us for the rest of the tour! It’s just the US, Canada and Mexico. It would be fun and then you could travel for free. The band has the same bus as us, except with one extra bed. Come to support us. To support me.” He looked deep into my eyes. “Claire, on the first day I met you, it was raining outside. But you brought the sunshine inside with you in your personality. Your smile alone could make a whole room stop in their tracks. Will you please come on the rest of the tour and will you please be mine?” He finished.
 That very last part shocked me a little bit. Liam Payne wanted to date me? Me? I obviously wasn’t going to say no. Liam’s personality matched with mine so well, and I could see us going far together. I noticed he was awaiting my answer. I put a strand of hair that was in my face behind my ear and answered him.
 “Why Liam, I would love to come with you. And I would be even happier to be your girlfriend.”
 He let out a happy sigh and pulled me into a warm hug. After that, we shared a passionate yet sweet kiss and went to meet the car to go back to the city. The happiest I had ever been in my life driving into Manhattan.
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