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Through using Polyvore and looking at outfits I liked/didn't like, inspiration photos (mainly on Pinterest), and the like, I've pretty much nailed down the aesthetic that I like in outfits. I have a slim hourglass figure, but I really don't go for the defined waist/dress outfits that are supposed to be "best" for me. Same goes for my broad shoulders. I could really care less, as long as the clothing fits me. Vampy just isn't my style, even if it looks good on my body shape. Here's what I like instead:

- A balance between loose and tight, short and long. If the top is tight, the bottom must be loose/full, and vice versa. I feel even more strongly about short bottoms and longer sleeves. Even on hot days, I'd prefer a very light cardigan over a tank top and shorts, isntead of just a jumble of bare limbs. Little summer slip dresses when it hits the 90's and up are the only exception, for survival!

- I find the tight/loose rule also applies to my hair. With baggier outfits, I prefer my hair back in a bun or twist. With tighter, plain outfits, at least on top, I prefer my hair loose. If there's a lot going on up top, like lapels or big necklaces, my hair is just too curly and I start to look really top heavy!

- Shoes really ground me. I almost always prefer either ballet flats, which help me feel free and barefoot, or chunkier shoes that provide me with a strong base. Who knows why? Maybe it's the big hair.

- Masculine outfits, but plenty of jewelry. Especially jeans and a t-shirt or loose pants and a t-shirt, I need my red bracelets or some big earrings. I also prefer to wear my hair tighter with masculine outfits, so I look more delicate in comparasion and not just like "ah, big hair and sloppy clothes." I'm playing around with sleek, sexy waves and masculine outfits, but it's not quite there yet for me.

- So, I like a lot of juxtaposition. I don't like matchy matchy, but I like to play in the same color family a lot, like burgundy and coral together or black and gray, etc. I like all neutrals with one added color, like a yellow sweater, red bracelets, or a graphic tee.

- I don't wear high heel pumps and don't know why I own a pair! I think they were issued to me at puberty...
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