Kat walked into the homecoming party alone. No date. She was new at school so hadn't made proper friends yet. So, she hung out by the punch bowl.
Harry didn't have a date either. He normally did but, this time he wasn't able to pair up with anyone as all the girls he liked got taken.
Harry was bored. He caught Kats eye, standing by himself as the couples took to the dance floor.

"Hi" Said Harry nervously.
"Hi, I'm Kat and I just moved to this school".
"That is why you're all by yourself" remarked Harry.
"Yes, I'm not alone now. You are here". Kat said looking around.
"Want to dance?" Harry asked thinking Kat was really pretty.
"Sure" Kat replied taking his hand and moving to the dance floor.

Kat's flower print dress span around as she danced. The two of them happy they met.

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