Hey guys! So we all know 4th of July is coming up and what other better way to be patriotic than American flag nail art!? Nothing! I know getting your nails professionally done can cost a lot. I found a better way to save up! So let's get started!

M A T E R I A L S;

Red nail polish
Blue nail polish
White art pen

H O W T O D O;

01; Put the tape on the tips of your fingernails.
02; Paint all of your fingernails red.
03; Paint white strips down your nails.
04; Let that dry.
05; Take the tape off.
06; Paint the tip where it was covered blue.
07; Let that dry.
08; Take your white nail polish pen and paint dots. (Not too close)
09; Voila!!

Hope you found this tip very helpful! I can't wait to try this out!

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