hey chickas Candice here with another tip. On my last tip, I showed you guys a modern 50's makeup look and that has inspired this tip.

01 ;; one way by adding a pop of color is by eyeliner. i believe this is probably the simplest way to add a pop of color if your a 'on-the-go' gal like me. I suggest just applying liner on your top lid because i hate putting it on my waterline since it will go away if i don't reapply it. Also, if you have blue, green, or hazel eyes, you can have a colored liner so it will be more bold and add more attention to your eyes. ♥

02 ;; Another way that is more bold is a colored lipstick. There are TONS and TONS of lipstick shades out there. There are pinks, red, plums, nudes, and a whole bunch more. By wearing colored lipsticks, you have to keep your makeup neutral and calm throughout your face. You should NOT wear a smokey eye with a red lipstick. ♥

03 ;; By having a bold shadow, this can also be fun and daring at the same time. You can have a smokey eye, a dark color (make sure to have it complement your eye color) or you can even mix shadows today to create one that's daring that you also love at the same time. ♥

04 ;; Sometimes in the morning we are in a hurry while doing our makeup, because of that we skip blush. Blush can add a pop of color to your cheek bones and makes your look more fun and girly. I personally love blush because it can make my look more attractive. A tip for blush is not to over do it. ♥

05 ;; I know this isn't makeup, but you can also add a pop of color to your nail polish. For example, you can have one finger purple then the next one blue then the next red. ♥

Sorry for the short tip!

xoxo candice

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