Hi Ladies its Jules again and todays tip is about over eating here are a few simple tips. If you have anything you want me to tip on please feel free to message me my polyvore is @julzsfi I am not a certified doctor, so please talk to your doctor before dieting

1. Drink Water, Tea or black coffee before you eat or if you are feeling hungry so that you eat less
2. Eat slowly, you will feel more full with less food that way
3. Practice portion control
4. Know whats in your food that may stop you from eating excessive amounts
5. If you are craving chocolate have a peppermint patty, the chocolate with south your craving and the mint will squash the cravings
6. Don't take seconds
7. Smell something that you are craving, it may squash the cravings
8. Think "Am I Hungery, Why am I eating this" every time you eat
9. Studdies have shown that you eatless when you eat off of blue plates and more when you eat off of red ones
10. When at a restaurant get half your food immediately wrapped up so you don't feel tempted to over eat
11. If you really cant control your over eating get a "Eat this not that" book so at least you are binging on healthier foods.
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