Just some ideas/tips on how to get the look and develop the style! 

If you've ever admired that girl in the coffee shop or bookstore drinking tea and sketching or reading, and wished you were like her, then here's where to start...

-Support local artists and bands by going to different shows and gigs. 

-Be creative! Try DIY'ing some of your clothes and jewelry 

-Find an artistic hobby! Try photography, painting, gardening, play the guitar, crochet, try ink paintings, clay. You can't say you're not good at something until you try. 

-Keep up with your schoolwork. You don't have to get all A's, but keep your education on focus and try your best. 

-Find inspiration for your style or art. Such as artists, celebrities, musicians, bloggers, and even your friends! 

-Decorate your room indie. (we have multiple tips on this!) 

-Find friends with common interests. Join clubs at school such as Art Club or Photography Club, Film Club, or anything else that you are interested in. Concerts are also a good place too meet friends, I've met some great friends at shows.

-Don't be someone you're not. If you don't like something then don't pretend to like it, and if you don't want to or are not comfortable doing something then don't do it. 

-Try thrifting. Look up thrift stores in your area. Buffalo Exchange and Goodwill have some good stuff sometimes.

-Converse, vans, combat boots, moccasins, creepers, oxfords, basic sandals, loafers, and cute flats are all popular among the alternative crowd. 

-Get involved with activism and protesting if you're passionate about a cause. 

-Live green! (We have a tip for this!) Eat locally, ride your bike or walk places, recycle.

-Spend the day at the art museum (if it's big enough to). The art museum near me is big, it has a sculpture garden, an interactive part, and cafes. 

-Watch indie and foreign films. There is a theater near me that plays indie and foreign films and I see them with my parents a lot, but the theaters are only in New York and Texas.

-Read! Go to the library and explore. Read classic novels! Yes, John Green books are good, but try something new. Find a book you've never heard of and see if you like it. There is an independent bookstore near me that has a section called "Current Indie Favorites" or something like that and it has some good books. Support your local businesses! 

-Educate yourself in the arts. 

-Use tumblr to meet friends, express yourself, share your art, and get inspiration. 

-Dye your hair in cool colors if you want. Not crazy, but enough to look cute and how you want it to be. 

-Pay attention and be educated in politics and culture. A well-constructed, logical opinion of the world is an important asset. 

-Read magazines! Magazines like Nylon, National Geographic, or any Music/Art magazines. 

-Become educated in classic rock. Bands like The Beatles, The Who, The Doors, The Cure, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, even 90s bands such as Nirvana and Pearl Jam

-Express your emotions through art. Art can be a great way to let your feelings out and calm down and is a way to express your emotions.

-Go to arts festivals or music festivals. My parents are into art so in the spring we go to a different Art Festival every weekend! In the summer and over spring break I go to music festivals too. 

-Hang out at the local cafe. Preferably not Starbucks. There is a cool local cafe near me that has the floor painted like different album covers and people go there to play guitar a lot. There is also a cafe near my school people go to, they do teas and smoothies and stuff. Google coffee shops near you!

-Be yourself!!!! Yeah, lame tip but it is so important! Do what YOU want to do, wear what YOU want to wear. Really!! Do it! You will be so much happier if you act like yourself. 

-Follow what your own personal religious belief is. Do some research, do some soul-searching. Only you know what you believe in, don't let others influence you. 

-Try out a a new hairstyle! Some ideas are a fringe, a short cut, dreadlocks, dye it, leave it natural. 

-Get piercings! (only if you are allowed to and if you want them that is) 

Hope this helped give you some ideas! 


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