Whether your doing it for extra cash or doing a favor for a family member or friend, babysitting is something we all have to do at least once! Here are a few tips that I have discovered over my few years of babysitting ups & downs.

>>Rule number one in babysitting is NEVER use your phone to call or text anyone unless it's your parents or the parents of the kids your watching and it's an emergency. There are so many things that can happen when your not looking (texting, taking a call in the other room, etc.)

>>Pop in a G rated movie (Monsters Inc., Lion King, Peter Pan) Make sure it's something the kids will like, maybe they like princesses so put on a Disney princess movie (Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty)

>>Draw with the kid(s) if they can handle not drawing on the wall. Sit with them and draw too. You can ask them what their favorite animal is and ask if they can draw it for you. Or, if they can write, ask them to write a story or a song.

>>If your babysitting an infant, ask the parents before they leave if they could change the diaper if you will not/don't know how to change one. (You really should know how to change a diaper if you're watching a baby though.)

>>Have a dance party! If you have an iTouch, iPhone, anything with Pandora radio, or just kid CD's bring it along and a speaker too. You can have a little dance party in the living room!

Thanks for reading! Good luck!
Selena Ysabella (:
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