Hey guys! @elaine208 here :) This tip is about how to be more outgoing :)

1. Be Yourself

You can't fake your personality and get friends and then suddenly go to your normal personality, it doesn't work like that. Either you fake you personality and be a fake and not know who your true friends are or be YOURSELF and know which people like you for you

2. DON'T be Shy

You can't expect having friends/a lot of friends if you're shy. You have to open to people and not be so 'selective.' To break out of your shy zone find one friend and when you are very close to that one friend, try finding other friends too

3. Open Up your Group of Friends

Most of us already have a certain group of friends or 'clique.' This year I opened up my clique of friends and I made some really good friends. Like I said before, do NOT be selective because you might have something in common with someone you never thought you would

4. Join In

Join some clubs, after school activities, sports, or something to meet new people. Usually clubs, sports, ect. gets people very close together.

5. Keep Up with the Friendship

After you make new friends, don't just ditch them, like no. What's the point in making new friends if you don't even keep up with the friendship? Like huh?

6. Hi. You're the Opposite Gender, be my Friend

I hate those people who are all like 'ooh, you like him' and I'm like 'no, he's my friend.' Anyways, you can be friends with the opposite gender. Trust me, I am friends with almost all the guys at my school, no joke and I like them better then some of my girl friends. I feel like I can be more open with them and they are way more funny

7. Don't be a Hoe

Don't pretend you are the HBIC and that you 'rule' all of your friends, cause you don't. That's all I'm going to say.

8. Get Your Friends to be Friends

Friends can get jealous now and then of you hanging out with others. Get your friends to become friends too or even more jealousy with happen

Hope this helps


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