How to be Nancy Drew! {tips included}

I am dressing up as Nancy Drew for an event soon, and I have created a guide to be Nancy Drew (appearance wise)
1. Thick head bands- a chunky, solid coloured head band in your hair will give you the signature Nancy look. A colour like solid purple is good.
2. Sweaters- A knitted or cotton sweater or jersey. Nancy usually goes for a classic plain look so maybe nothing fancy.
3. Trench coat- A trench coat or a blazer make her like a detective.
4. Penny Loafers- These classic shoes polish off the look to make it practical. It is best to wear some that are a tan colour or black. if you can't find Penny Loafers, then try Sperry Boat Shoes or Brogues.
5. Skirts- Nancy often wears checkered or striped skirts. Go crazy with this bit and wear whatever kind of skirt you like. If the skirt is quite short, you may want to add some tights.
6. ribbon- If you don't want to wear a head band, wear a black coloured ribbon in your pony-tail.
7. Golf top- This is an option to wear underneath your sweater. You could wear a polo neck top for another option. To polish off the look you could tie the sweater around your waist.
8. Moisturizer! To keep your skin smooth and clear. Nancy was beautiful and confident right? You can be too!
{my first tips, i hope i didn't suck!}

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Wrote three years ago
@missblueboots thanks!!!

Wrote three years ago
hehe love it.


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