Hey girls, it's Maura here. Do you know how everyone says "Beauty is in everyone" and "It's the inside that matters" or "Everyone's pretty" which is true, but you're sitting there thinking "Pff, ya right im not pretty at all," and that's what's not true. Everyone has the power to be pretty, but no one ever really tells anyone how. well, haha... i'm here to reveal the secrets to being pretty. enjoy♥

Well, girls first off...You need to know that not everyone's opinion matters. some people are just butt holes that are ugly and jealous of you, so they decide to make you feel bad about yourself, but ignore them. Because i know what you want, i know you want people you don't know turn to you and think, "Wow, that girl's really pretty" or "She's pretty," or "Dang, look at her, she is beautiful!" Even though that's what your heart desires, there is one thing stopping you. your as ugly as doggy poo. But, don't fret my fellow girls, There is still hope for you.

1. Faces
 All girls have faces, am i correct? (yes, i am..you shouldn't have had to think about that.) so, ummm....USE THEM! so say you don't like your face, say you think your eyes are ugly, but hey! wake-up! that's what make-up's for my dear sweet. Even if you're eyes are an ugly color, or shaped weird, try to put on some eye-liner, mascara, and eye-shadow to try and distract from it, but don't you over do it now missy, because it'll look like you're trying to hard.
But let's say you have a really pretty face, but you don't like you're body. You want to make people look at you're face, and not judge you on your body. Wear pretty eye shadow that really compliments you. You want people to notice your pretty face♥

2. Hair
Hair is one of the main essentials of being pretty. long, short, curly, straight, red or brown. you need to make it look good. Some girls look pretty with long hair, some look best with short hair. some colors look better curled, some textures look batter straight, it all depends on your hair! so here is what looks good depending on your hair type.

Brown, curly (not thick...CURLY)

•This type of hair looks best shoulder- length or long with side bangs (best with longer hair)Buns and swirly ponies always look great on this hair type.

Brown, straight or wavy.

•This type of hair looks best either long, or really short. if it's on the thin side, it looks cute with side bangs, layers, and cut either a few inches below the chin, or down past the shoulders.
Blonde or red, curly

This hair type looks best long or shoulder length. bangs look cute if you want them.
Blonde or red, straight or wavy.

Same as brown

3. body
Now that your head looks pretty, its time to give you a gorgeous body you don't have to be fit to be pretty, but it makes you yourself feel pretty if you are. So here is the link to a workout that gives you great results guaranteed. but make sure you do it daily! it only takes a half an hour tops!

4. clothes. you have to dress pretty to be pretty. So i know that money isn't something everyone has. here are some cheap essentials to having a cute wardrobe.

. Some V-necks
You can pair them with anything and look super cute!

. a cute pair of sandals
get ones that match most things!

.A cute hand bag!
Purses can be expensive, so only one that goes with most colors, will up your wardrobe a lot!

a cute pair of earring can make an outfit.

So girls, feeling pretty yet? you should be!
If you follow my advice, you'll be turning heads in no time!

Hugs and butterfly kisses,

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