hey guys @beekahboo here!:) 
this was sent in { indirectly } to me. on my personal account. basically she wants me to talk 
more so description
& making it lengthy.
& more drama infatuated role plays. 


{ O1. } 
DRAMA ♥ ;; 
when i say drama infatuated - i mean, like some people just CAN NOT come up with good ideas. like this . i'll say " . . . blahblahblah. " thank you, " she responded. " 
they'll say. " he laughed. " no problem. " " 
 like HOW WAS THAT FUNNY? & you don't just leave it at that. you'd add something charming or comical. you know? 
 when in doubt, just make your character say something snarky or sarcastic.
 that's what i do tbh. 
basically, you just have to be creative here. nothing that comes natural, really. 

{ O2. }

writing is supposed to be -- natural. you need to definitely PRACTICE. & i'm not just saying that. because my writing sucked balls before. like instead of saying.
 " she walked outside and looked over at him. he kissed her and thought she looked breathtaking. the kiss was magical. ( insert a bunch of character thoughts nobody cares about . ) " 

say : 
" her arresting jade eyes trailed up to the indigo sky. a thin layer of whispy clouds blanketed the sky with a number of glistening stars sketched in. the below freezing air kissed her cheeks, making her want to close it back up and jump into her warm bed. as time inched by, she acknowledged his doughy, rose lips pressed against her own. in that time, her head was spinning, her palms grew sweaty, her heart ignited and stomach knotted with fluttering porcupines. gradually, into the kiss, her arms snaked around his neck and his grip coiled around her waist tugging her closer. " 

to make your writing appear more attractive, try not repeating the first word of the sentence so much. like avoid using personal pronouns so much. 

bad example : " she laughed. she thought about how hot and funny he was. " 

just use gerunds as starters like, " laughing genuinely for the first time in a long while, the girl's thoughts lingered on the fact of how flawless and comical he was. " <-- uh that was bad, but you get the point.

also do your best not to use " TO BE " verbs. 
the list is as follows : 
- am 
- is 
- are 
- was 
 - were 
- be 
- being
 - been.

just stay away from those!!! they make your writing nasty. when in doubt just use : - appear - seem ( etc. etc. ) 

A N O T H E R 
T H I N G ; ♥
 just create ---{ i M A G E R Y. } 
imagery makes your writing a thousand times better. make it feel as though you're in the scene. like bring back memories from your first airplane flight or something. like those delta cookies. you could instead call them butter - yellow, square shaped cookies. with their label hogging half the space and dull, diet coke. whereas one would say golden rectangle cookies with coca cola. 

just put yourself back to that time. paint a vivid picture for the reader. the characters seem increasingly apparent to the reader if you create imagery. in your writing, your reader should be able to shut their eyes and almost FEEL the water rushing up on their toes at the beach. 

for instance, instead of saying :
" her jacket was white. " 
 say : " the girl sported an extensive, fur coat of silky, candied milk. " 
instead of saying, " leaves fell to the ground from the big tree. " 
say : " the colossal tree was ablaze with the scarlett, ruby, and golden leaves that were beginning to make their decent to the ground. " more appealing, no?

alright. maybe you're no good with imagery. 
then try tossing some 
- SiMiLiES 
 into your writing. it's a start. 

{ S i M i L i E S ; ; ♥ } 
similes are similar to metaphors except that instead of saying that one thing / is / another, you would say that one thing is / like / another. similes are used to give the reader a reference for the imagery created. 
like this : " the F-16 swooped down like an eagle after its prey. " 
" though i was on the sheer face of a mountain, the feeling of swinging through the air was euphoric, almost like flying without wings. " " she was like a breath of fresh air infusing life back into him. " 

things like that. 

but { P E R S O N i F i C A T i O N S ;; } 
 in my opinion, bring more flavour to your writing. there a type of literary imagery that involves giving inanimate objects human or animate qualities. you probably run across personification all the time in your everyday life but don't recognize it as such. 

" the wind howled resembling an infant not getting her way. " ( imagery interpretation : " howled " the wind does not howl. it was so violent & loud. ) 
" the music coursed through us, shaking our bodies as if it came from within us. " ( imagery interpretation : the music doesn't literally " course " through us. it just shows that it influenced you in such a way. ) or like i said before - - 
" the wind kissed her cheeks. " ( imagery interpretation : the wind didn't literally jump up & " kiss " her cheeks. it was just simply explaining it was cold outside. " 


alright, so i'm hoping this all made sense or at least helped you in the smallest way. i just really wanted to squeeze in a tip tonight. because i'm already super duper laaaaate!

beeeeeekah. ♥ 
love y'all.

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