Hey-ho everyone! This tip was requested by @bowsandbeautyquru. This was very hard for me so I Googled and found some info I can use. Well this is more like how to make your set famous but either way, Polyvore famous!

1. Put lots of effort into creating your set, the better it is the easier it will be to promote.

2. Submit your set to the max of 5 groups:
 -Make sure they are relevant
 -Try and choose a mixture of specialised groups eg. punk, and general groups eg. everyone on polyvore.
 -Choose semi-popular groups with a few hundred members, too unpopular and no one will ever check the page, too popular and your set will be knocked off the 'recent sets' section too quickly.

3. Change the groups that your set is submitted to regularly, perhaps every two-four weeks.

4. Optionally, you can create your own group and invite lots of people to join it.

5. Submit your set to as many different contests as possible.

6. Make sure you have a lot of contacts (followers)

7. Comment regularly on other peoples sets (contacts or not), this makes it is very likely they will comment back on yours and is the best way of attracting interest.

Tip:Have fun and remember success on Polyvore isn't everything.
Warning: Don't comment only on very popular sets. If they're getting dozens everyday, they probably won't bother looking at every one

Love ya'll,
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