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Everyone wants the chance to become well known on a website. What better website to become known on than our very own, Polyvore! Polyvore gets millions and millions of users to log on and check out sets. It may be a bit tricky to get your fashion sense, style, and name out there on this site. Luckily, after years of experience on here, I think I have some knowledge to share with all of you newcomers, and those who would like to know the secret!

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01. Unique Profile

Uniqueness is the key to sucess. With millions of members on this site, you need a way to stand out. Make sure your profile is clean, expresses your personality, and your username screams YOU. 

02. Set Originiality

When every layout looks the same, things can get a little boring. Find you set style and create layouts that are originial, fashionable, and will appeal to the Polyvore community. My personal favorite layout is from @mazowiecki-becky. Be sure to check her out for some inspiration! 

03. Inspiration!

Inspiration is what triggers your creativity. Experiment with different layouts and different styles and you will eventually find your signature set.

04. Friendships

Making friends on Polyvore is a great way to express yourself. Message members that you feel are interesting. Friendships on Polyvore not only makes members happier, but also are great for starting groups on Polyvore. So grab a few friends and start brainstorming ideas for an awesome group!

05. Hard work

Handling your Polyvore account is almost like running a fashion blog, only better. Post quality, but make it interesting. Be active and try your best to post daily! You need try put forth effort and time. Becoming known on Polyvore can take months, years actually.

06. Promote your Polyvore

Do you have more followers on Tumblr perhaps? Have Facebook friends interested in Fashion? Link them to your page! It is a great way for others to check out your work!

07. Follow as many members possible

Follows are crucial when you want to be known on Polyvore. Followers = Set views = Likes = Known
When you follow a member, most likely the member will follow back.

08. Give Feedback

A lot of Polyvore members tend to check out accounts that leave positive feedback on their sets. Comments are a great way to gain followers, and even a friend that way!

09. Start a Big Group

Groups are a great way to unite members together. Think of a great idea to start a group with. Whether its quick contests to show off fashion looks, or a group where members socialize. 

10. Message

Messaging members on Polyvore to check out your profile is also a great way to get known. Majority of the time, they will reply or check you out!

11. Don't give up

Like I said handling a Polyvore account is absolutely hard work and takes a long amount of time. Likes will gradually grow if you keep it up. I started out with only 5 likes, then to 10, 40, and now all of my fashion sets get 100+ and a lot of views. Likes are just pixels but it does make you feel good when people are viewing and appreciating your expression of fashion and style.

12. Find a Purpose

Is your account to give beauty tips? Does it provide style inspiration? Or just simply ootds?
Whatever it is, make it clear why your profile is there. Give the community a reason to check out your stuff!

13. Contests

Enter as many contests as possible and join groups with 1,000+ members. Contests help promote sets, trust me! Make sure to submit your set to 5 groups every time you make one!

14. Top Sets

Only a few of my sets have made it to the homepage of Polyvore, but the feeling is really rewarding and its a great way to get follows, views, etc. Try to create a set with the featured items and you might just be lucky enough to make it on the homepage!. Remember to tag @polyvore @polyvore-editorial!

15. Hashtags

Hashtagging is a great way to get your sets viewed. Make sure to only hashtag things that are relateable to your set though!

16. Taglists

Tag members that you know are active on Polyvore or are your friends. When you tag someone, they will most likely view your set!

17. Have fun

Do things on Polyvore that make you happy. Mix and Match outfits. Whatever makes your heart happy. At the end of the day, its about what makes you feel better! 


There are plenty more ways to become known! If you have more ideas, feel free to comment below and I will definitely love to add it here! I hope you all found this useful! Have fun, & hopefully you reach your goals on this fabulous website!

- xoxo, @angelechantelle
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