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hey girls,
here is Melli with a tip about writing! :)
well I want to help you with a few tips:
1.become wiser,have a bigger vocabular
pretty simple;read much;understand the authors;know how to write a poem and how to show feelings with it's important that you are reading classics and some modern deep novels (for understanding feelings:john green)
2. inspire yourself: go travelling,watch people,understand. 
3.Plan using logic and desire. Write the way you want, but decide whether or not you want to rely on the income from your writing. Not having a regular job will allow you to focus on your writing, but it's very unlikely that you'll be able to depend on it for at least a few years.Then you might get bored.
4.Know that writer’s block is a real thing. Too much writing, and concentrating too deeply, can cause you to not be able to write a word. Your focus and concentration leave, and you can just sit and stare at the page or the computer or typewriter, and not have a thing come to mind to write.
5.Take a break to refresh your mind. Take a drive, or a walk, go watch a movie, or just read a book. You may need a day, or a week to be able to once again concentrate. Be patient, your writers block will leave in due time. If that doesn't work, try the toilet, or in French, ca'mode. Toilet or Ca'mode means to refresh the body, which helps the mind as a writer.
6.Use dreams to assist with ideas. Dreams are a big help. Have a notebook near you and if you remember a dream write it down. Some people can only remember some of their dream but when you write it down the rest will more than likely come back to you.
7.Be your writing, be your characters. This helps a lot. Imagine yourself as one of the characters and talk to the other one, create a mental conversation. This will give you a lot of ideas. Talk to other people too like ask your friends to be one of the characters in a scenario and then talk. Two minds are better than one.
so here's a random advertise for @silver-sparrow s writing battle group
scrawled words ♥

so i hope i could help you :D
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