so I thought since its Offical Black Veil Brides Day and Im already doing the design how about I do a 'How To' :).((youtube link at the end if you get confused with this))
What you Need:
Fake Nails(If your nails arent long enough)
Red Nail Polish(any kind)
Black Nail Polish(any Kind)
Nail Art Pen..(It works easiest...and I used Sally Hansen it drys fast and is SO easy to use)
Clear Coat(I use seems to work best)
Nail File
1.Clean off ALL the nail polish off your nails.

2.If your using fake nails file them down to the RIGHT size. If their to long you'll break them off and if your not using fake nails I still say file alittle bit just so they look neat.

3.Ok so we're going to do Jinxx first..He can be any finger but I used thumb.((Black Nail Polish Pen or think paint brush))Draw a line in the middle of the nail-not to far-, then draw a triangle going upwards and fill it in, make sure you still have some line left like Jinxx's eyes...Then at the bottom of your nail draw to lines going upwards from the bottom-Jinxx's chest warpaint- They dont have to be perfect. Fill it in but not to thick or it'll look messy

4.Now JAKES TURN.((Black Nail Polish Pen and Black Nail Polish))..I used my index finger..Like Jakes warpaint draw a few lines going the direction you want it to(right is what I did) then take your black nail polish and paint JUST THE TOP OF YOUR NAIL! make sure the lines are STILL showing!!

5.CC is pretty easy...I used my middle finger...(Black Nail Polish Pen and Nail Polish)...On the left of your finger draw a line(coming from the top) then more to the right of your finger nail draw a line coming up from the bottom then take your black nail polish and paint JUST THE TOP AGAIN LIKE WHAT YOU DID WITH JAKE! Make sure that 1st line is STILL showing.

6.Oh yea the famous PURDY is next. I used my ring finger for him...(Black Nail polish pen...optional nail polish)....Ash is a bit more tricky.... So from the bottom of your nail more to the right draw a 3 layer stitch,next to your stitch draw 3 lines coming from the bottom(it can go up your nail) those are the scratch marks. Next draw a thin line above your work on the bottom and draw long triangle but only part way at your nail..that shows his face warpaint.....Then take the pen/brush and paint the tip of your nail..if theirs tight room then just go VERY EASY on the polish.

7.Last but not least...ANDY!!!!...he is on my pinky...(Black Nail Pen)....Hes a bit tricky to due to the size of the pinky.....So take your pen and draw a line and do a stitch coming from the left of your nail...make it close to the bottom so you have more room. Next draw one of those triangles again from the left(like what you did with Ash) and fill that in(ofcourse) Then on the LEFT of your nail draw a few thin lines like what you did with Jake..ONLY A FEW due to the space you have. You can add a small cross in there or attach it to your triangle...At the VERY top of your lines(they dont go all along the nail) color the top of the lines at the VERY top of your it JUST bearly shows.

so that hand is DONE!! :) Now your Left(Or right)

8:Paint all your finger nails black EXPECT YOUR RING FINGER!!!(finger in between the pinky and middle) 

9.Paint your ring finger RED.


a)I say have LONG nails for this or wear fake nails since you cant do this design on short turns out pretty bad(i would know)
b)Filing your nails would be best instead of cutting them if your gonna do this design
c)use a nail art is the MOST easiest to use for this. I SUGGEST IT.....

Here this 'How To' is kinda confusing so heres a youtube link to were I found it..I DONT TAKE CREDIT IT ALL GOES TO HER!!
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