hey guys its ashley ♥♥♥

what you'll need
- a journal, preferably with BLANK pages
- pens // sharpies
- pictures, quotes, doodles etcetera 
-; modge podge and glue
-; scissors

first ; ♥
collage the cover
-; find pictures and doodles off tumblr
-; copy and paste them into word
-; print
-; cut out the pics
-; modge podge the cover and arrange the photos (id recommend arranging them first so you know what you want to do)
-; modge podge over the photos!

second ; ♥
fill it with photos that inspire you such as fashion, education, organization, beauty and more!
make pages that go well together or that are inspired by your tumblr!

third ; ♥
write out pages of your favorite quotes! 
you can do them bullet list style or write them up cutely in cute fonts or print them and glue them in! 

fourth ; ♥
write or find poetry and write it in!

fifth ; ♥
write journal pages of the best and worst things that happen to you!

sixth ; ♥
make favorites pages! 
put your favorite coffee, shirt, makeup etcetera

and then add any other pages youd like!

super simple and pretty self explanatory, but idk thought it was a cute tip to make! 

enjoy! ♥

- ashley ;; 
@obsessibly // http://wandurlusting.tumblr.com

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