You may have seen customized denim vests on tumblr, on the internet for sale, on polyvore, or maybe even on the streets! A custom denim vest is a must have for a punk/grunge wardrobe, or anyone just looking for a fun DIY project. Unfortunately, custom denim vests can cost A LOT if you've seen them for sale, so here is how to make your own!

-This is easy to make but it is time consuming.

You Will Need: 
-A denim vest, buy from goodwill, walmart, primark, marshalls for cheap or just use one you already have
-Fabric Paint
-Patches or a Back patch (you can buy at stores like hot topic or online at )
-Studs, you can buy them at craft stores, online or at hot topic 
-Pins, of bands you like, things you support, anything you want!
-Needle and Thread (for patches)
-Scissors (for fraying and cutting)

1) If you have a back patch, start sewing it on the back or if you would rather paint the back then trace the outline of what you want to paint then go and paint your design in fabric paint! Be as creative as you want! 

2) Decide where you want your patches if you have any and sew them on 

3) Fray the edges and pockets or just parts of the vest you want frayed. Cut a little bit with the scissors and just cut/tear at where you want the fray, you can also pull at the cut with your fringers for more control 

4) Add your studs! Choose where you want them, on the back? Around your neck? On your shoulders? All over? Follow the instructions that come with the studs/spikes on how to apply them because it can vary

5) Add your pins! You can put them on the collar, on the pocket, or anywhere you want to make the vest yours. 

Other Ideas: 
-Make your own pins and buttons with a button maker or glue pictures to a piece of card with a safety pin on the back
-You can buy patches and buttons of your favorite bands online if you google it! (ex. fall out boy patches, ex. two door cinema club buttons) 
-I would suggest not putting patches or pins on your vest of bands that you don't listen to because you might get called a poser by other people, plus it makes it more "you" and special if you actually listen to the bands you're representing! 
-Drip bleach or dye the vest before you do anything else to it to make it really unique
-Spend time sewing your patches on and applying the studs because the more time and care you put into it, the better it will look. 

Hope this helps!
If you have any comments/questions/requests/etc then leave us a comment! c: 

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