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Hey Lovelies, 
How are you all today? Todays tip is how to dip dye your hair. I did this last month to my previously brown hair which had an old pink dye in it so it is now a funny shade of half brown half blond, pink, red and ginger muddle of epicness!!! So! Let's get started!
You need will need;; 

A dye ♥
bowl ♥
gloves ♥
and a few hair elastics ♥

When choosing a dye make sure firstly YOU ARE ALOUD TO DYE YOUR HAIR or you shall have some seriously angry parents to fess up too!!!! Check your school rules are okay too. Some schools don't allow the students to have dyed hair. Next make sure you buy a decent dye that will show up in your hair. Say you have dark hair like me you'll have to bleach your hair if you want a vivid colour so buy a bleaching kit as well if this applies to you! (this is optional and beware bleaching you hair stays until you cut it out so to not do this without carefully thinking it out!) Don't wash your hair straight before dyeing, especially make sure you don't condition or the dye with slip and slide off your hair!
The Steps ♥

♥ 01;; Divide you hair into smallish sections. My hair is just past my shoulder so I split it into 4 sections. Plait these to the length you want to dye. Put the hair elastic in at the length you want to start dying. For example if you want to dye a large section put your elastic quite far up your hair.
02;; Put on your gloves and open your dye, mix in a bowl, following instructions on the package. Using the brush supplied or your hands (like I did!) smear the dye on the patch of your hair below the elastic. Smear really well making sure you get ALL the hair covered. Then leave you hair for 15-30 minutes. The darker your hair the longer you should leave it in for but MAKE SURE you look at the packet and don't completely trust me! Haha
04;; Wash out and let air dry. Get ready to enjoy your beautiful new hair!

I hope you enjoyed this tip! Dip dying is such a fun and easy way to dye your hair and you can also buy dyes that only last for 2 days up to like 6 or 8 weeks so it can be a short term or long term thing!!! Feel free to leave me a comment if you have any questions at all, I'd be glad to help!
Thanks for reading!
Sincerely Saoirse x

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