Sorry, I think this has been done before, but this is mostly to go along with my video.
How To Dip Dye Your Hair With Kool-Aid
(You can fully dye it too, but I only dip-dyed mine, so there might be something different to do if you're fully dying it and I don't want to leave anything out.)

What you need:
~A towel for your clothes
~A towel for your hair.
~1 cup of water
~SUGAR FREE Kool-Aid package

1. Get prepared with everything listed above. 
2. Boil 1 cup of water.
3. When it starts to boil add the Kool-Aid package and stir.
4. Move the pot (or pour the Kool-Aid into another bowl) to the place were you want to dye it.
5. Dip the section of your hair you want dyed into the bowl. Leave it in for 10 minutes.
6. Take it out and blow dry it.

~You can't shower for 24 hours afterwards, so I'd take a shower before you dye it.
~Plan out a way that you can sit comfortably for the 10 minutes you have your hair in the Kool-Aid BEFORE you get your hair in the Kool-Aid (learned that the hard way).

xoxo, Katlyn. =]


Wrote three years ago
I just dipped the ends of my 8 and 9 year old daughters, they love it!

Wrote three years ago
My friend dipdyed her blonde hair red and it was there for almost 8 months... XD

Wrote three years ago
hello @indescibable, what combnation of colors do i need to get this type of color? THANKS! :)

Wrote three years ago
how do you get that dark blue in the left picture??

Wrote three years ago
That so kl, so evry flavor has its own color lyk tropical is a bright blue, cherry is red, orange is orange. Its that true

Wrote three years ago
does the red turn out red or does it turn out pink?

Wrote three years ago
do you take a shower right after you dip dye your hair? if not how long do you have to wait?

Wrote three years ago
Yes, but the colors might not be as bright. :)

Wrote three years ago
Will it still work if I have black hair?

Wrote three years ago
And I just tried it and it looks so much more vibrant than I thought!

Wrote three years ago
I love this! This is so much easier than any of the instructions I've seen!

Wrote three years ago
Does it damage your hair ?

Wrote three years ago
how long will it last for?

Wrote three years ago
How long will it last for?

Wrote 4 years ago
I go to a very strict school and the principal said that i cant have any distracting hair styles does Kool-Aid have a color that is like an average hair color that isn't purple blue or pink that my school would let me have?

Wrote 4 years ago
When you get it wet does the colour get onto your clothes?

Wrote 4 years ago
will it stain into blonde hair ?

Wrote 4 years ago
be careful with blue it fads to grey(blonde) and i used conditioner and mix it let it sit for 15-30 minutes and let it dry and if u want you can wash . and you don't have to use sugar free it didn't make a difference on mine .

Wrote 4 years ago
i did the underneath of mine blue,which turned out bright turquiose green. it lasts for up to 5 years,or so ive heard. but,it does fade. i did mine in feb. and im re doing the week before school starts. if you let it grow out,or cut it out is the only way ive heard to rid it. my sister did hers red(underneath as well) and shes a bottle blonde,hers stayed for a year before she re did it. i love using is because it costs $.20 and theres endless choices of color! <3 never thought to do the ends ; thanks for the new idea!!

Wrote 4 years ago
how long does it last and will it stain my hair or will it come out?

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