hey, it's @leah-weasley here(: hope you're all having a nice weekend!
this is such an amazing hairstyle! from the front, it just looks like a cute bun, but then there's the wow factor when you turn around! (:
it's a lot easier than it looks, once you know how to braid! c:


- 2 strong hair-ties
- 1 thin hair-tie
- hair donut (optional)
- hair grips
- hair spray
- hair brush

- second or third day old hair works best(:

O1. bend your head forward so all your hair is falling down in front of your face. brush it out.

O2. while still leaning forward, grab a small chunk of your hair from the nape of your neck and being to French braid.

O3. continue braiding until you're two-thirds of the way up your hair. tie with a thin hair-tie.

O4. lift your head and flip back your hair. brush through the top. use a strong hair-tie to make a high ponytail.

O5. use a hair donut to make a bun (http://www.polyvore.com/how_to_make_donut_bun/set?id=53531593&lid=1928286) or just make a messy bun yourself (http://www.polyvore.com/messy_buns/set?id=67253002&lid=1928286)

O6. use hairgrips to pin the bun in place.

O7. pin any loose bits, & spray lightly with hairspray.

O8. if you have any hair bows, then you could pin one under the bun, I think that looks so cute! (:

- credit to http://blog.birchbox.com/ for some of the tutorial.

- there you go! hope you all like this hairstyle as much as I do (:

- stay beautiful ♥

Leah // @leah-weasley // instagram.com/leahmichelle07 // twitter.com/LeahhMichelle_x // http://thegirlnextdi0r.blogspot.com/ xoxo

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