Putting your hair in a top bun, side bun, messy bun etc. has been a big trend recently! I personally love the look because it can be playful, sweet and/or elegant! How does one make a perfect bun you may be wondering? Well I learned how to do a sock bun from a friend of mine, and boy it sure looks fantastic! Here's how!
What You'll Need:
-any old tube sock (black for any brown/dark hair, light brown for blonde/lighter hair)
-hair ties (rubber bands, ligas, whatever you like to call them lol)
-bobby pins
Step 1:
Cut the toe end of your sock off, not too much but not to little!

Step 2:
Roll the sock so it resembles a donut.

Step 3:
Put your hair into a pony tail. The pony tail can be located wherever on your head you'd like: side, back, very top, etc.

Step 4:
Stick your hair through the center of your sock donut and move it all the way on top of the hair tie.

Step 5:
Spread the hair of your ponytail evenly over the sock. Make sure you hide the sock completely! Fold it over the sock and hold it at the base of your pony tail.

Step 6:
Get another hair tie and secure the hair you spread out over the sock.

Step 7:
If you have any stray hairs or bumps just use a few bobby pins to fix it!

Step 8:
Add any bows, headbands, barrettes etc. that you want and enjoy your new bun!

Thanks for reading! (if I wasn't clear on certain steps just comment and I'll do my best to clarify!)
Selena Ysabella (:
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