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My fave part of my makeup routine is my eyelashes. for me, i like to go slow and be very precise with them, so it take like 10 minutes just for my eyelashes. (no this does not apply to you if youre going to follow this tip). I et compliments on them all the time and like everyday i get asked if they are they arent lol. They spread out and they are thick with volume and long with length, and here is how to get that result for yourself:)

*First of, i want to tell you what mascaras i use:
-For length; Great Lash The Blackest Black by Maybelline
-For volume: Falsies Water Proof( the one with the black or light blue band and the purple tube) by Maybelline
-For both: Volume Shocking Mascara by L'oreal paris. Its double mascara with primer and lash comb mascara
-For spreading my lashes out and getting rid of clumps, i use a dried out Lash Blast. All i really need is the brush. I find the mascara itself makes my lashes too wet and clumpy

onto the tips!:D

♥ Use at least 3 different mascaras
-I have one for volume and length, one for volume, and one for length. this of course, is the best way to go. 

-Its important that all 3 brush types are different. sometimes, the outcome of your eyelashes, depends on the brush

-The order in which you use them is very important. For me,i use my length one, then my volume one, and them my volume and length one. 

♥Lash combs
-Having a mascara that has a comb instead of a brush helps A LOT!!! My eyelashes will not come out the same if i dont use this tool. 

-It separates your lashes but ta the same time gets all of them. It fans them out and make them go straight up.


-these protect your lashes from anything in the mascaras that may cause brittleness. Like if your mascaras are flaky, they can dry out your eyelashes and when they flake, your lashes can flake along with them.

-Using primer causes for the use of less mascara, which is good! the good primers have your lashes long already before the application of mascara.

-Look for primers that have conditioners in them

-Look for primers that have a wire brush (the ones that coil around the wand at the end) or a thick bristled brush (like falsies or lashblast brushes)

-do not apply primer heavy because it easily pulls your lashes together due to wetness. You only need one coat. Let your eyelashes dry for 30 seconds before applying mascara

♥Use vaseline 

-put some on your eyelashes before you go to bed and then when you wake up, if it is still there, wash it off in your regular morning face care routine before you do your make up. your eyelashes should be soft and a little thicker looking. Your mascara glides right on and they look so long when ur finished.

♥Get every part of your lashes!!!!!!
-I TRUELY CANT STRESS THIS ENOUGH!!! Your eyelashes will look so much more thicker and spread out if you get those lashes in the corner of your eye and at the ends.

-take the end of your brush and go upwards to get them to come up and out, for your inner corner. For the outer corner, do the same, but then blink onto the brush to push them up more since these are longer.
This will give you a fake lash look, because in fake lashes, the outer lashes are always the longest parts.


-this pushes your lashes way up, giving the illusion that they are longer.

-Open your eye really big, get close to the mirror, and tilt your head back a bit so you can your very roots of your eyelashes. Apply the mascara upwards without blinking from the roots. Then apply it with blinking. 

-for lash combs, open your eyes big and everything, but when you apply it, blink hard onto the comb from your roots. dont blink all the way down, but just against the roots. this spreads your lashes out and pushes them up.
Then, tilt your brush upright and get every lash one by one.

♥the Brush shape

-The best brush shape to get, is the ones that are curved. Like the end of your nail. These spoon your lashes, and gets them all.

-For wire brushes, stay straight. these dont really come in shapes anyways.

♥Go BEHIND your lashes

-Right at the tips of your lashes,or half way down them, put your brush behind and go up,slightly in a curling motion. THIS WILL AMKE A DIFF!!!

-Most people mess up on this, and move the brush straight out which clumps your eyelashes. tremendously! A whole lot of mascara goes onto them and it is basically impossible to get it off. you just have to wash it off and start all over. So be careful

♥ Using dry brushes

-Like i said waaay at the top, i sue a dried out brush with soft and many bristles to spread my lashes and declump them. I find this to work better than the little eyelash comb thingys

Thats all!:D
This tip really works, trust me.
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