O1. Be conservative! Don't wear super short shorts or really low tops! You will be more respected if you dress conservatively. 

O2. Be confident! Confidence is something a women should always have, and if your thinking "ugh im so ugly" that doesnt really help you, or make others think of you as classy.

O3. One word: Pearls! Pearls always show off class! As well as gold and diamonds, and not the fake kind! 

O4. If you can afford it, get designer brand name clothes! Chanel is an obvious one, but Dior as well. Not really Juicy Couture, although some of their jewelry may perceive as classy.

O5. Not using slang! If your talking or typing like "OMG!! D1D YEW H3@r WUUT BR@ND0N SAiD?!" that doesn't really call for classy, proper grammar and a nice tone does though. 

O6. Don't gossip! That just makes you look bad and really nosy!

O7. Flawless skin and perfect hair! 

O8. Be organized, smart, and have a sense of logic!

O9. Some things that define as classy are;; pearls, soft pinks, frills, ruffles, creams, gold, vintage, lace
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