Hi its Sophia. I don't know why but I'm really sad today :( :( so this might be a shortish how to.

How to dress Boho

Stick to earthy Colors. They should be pretty natural colors like oranges, browns, beige, dark greens, and its not as earthy at all but navy. Mostly warm colors. If you are going to wear a bright hair then make sure that the rest of the outfit is made up of neutral colors.

 Wear your clothing sort of baggy but don't make it look unattractive mixing baggy with tight is better because you don't want to look super sloppy and rather disgusting. Your clothing should be your size but just in styles that hang or drape so it fits but it looks a little boho. Your clothing should be comfortable.

Make sure to bring on the jewelry. The more the better. Pile on the bracelets, and funky long necklaces. Wear feather earrings and stuff that has a warm feel but still is sort of colorful. You should put a lot of color into the jewelry to make it really pop.Think-- headbands, feathers, gemstones, wood, beads, gunmetal, and gold are all favorites. These are all really good things when thinking about boho jewelry. 

Your purses or handbags should have fringe and stuff like that. 

For shoes wear leather|suede and things that have fringe. Leather sandals are cool and so are leather or suede boots of some kind. 

SO sorry this is so short im just not my normal self. :| sigh
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