So I know a lot of you usually wear whatever you want but when you get together with your family it is important to be modest.

So for shirts make sure that you see no cleavage. I know that is like a iffy thing and it doesnt matter because they are your family but trust me it will make anyone nervous if they see it. Also make sure that you dont see your bra straps or ur tank under just so you can be proper. 

Now for pants. You can where pants but dont wear like hoochi mama shorts. I know you mom might let you wear them but it wouldnt be the best thing to with family. So just to be safe make sure they are appropriate length. 

So a few more tips to remember is always to be modest with family. So no like cleavage or booty hangin out. lol. and just make sure that you are comfortable and take your families opinions into consideration and think of what would make them uncomfortable so you can make the best of their visit. 

Thanks for reading, and questions PM us. 
Personal account: @whitechick101

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