Hey guys this is Delia! @luvu25 I know this is kind of a weird tip, but all the guys of 1D have amazing styles that can be turned into girl styles.
HARRY SYLES: So, if you want to dress like Harry Styles, you need to wear polo's! Harry wears lots of polos. For pants wear jeans or khaki's
NIALL HORAN: Niall has a super laid back style. He wears jackets and hoodies a lot and jeans or khakis
Louis Tomlinson: Louis always wears nautical shirts. He also wears them with blazers. Jeans and khakis for the bottom
Zayn: he likes to wear varsity jackets, normally blue, red and white wiht jeans and khakis
Liam: Liam likes plaid button ups. Find them from like, Abercombie and Fitch or Hollister.
Thanks lovies

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