"Sweatpants. I think they are as comfy as the next girl, but I hate when people wear them in public! I used to, and I did once at a retreat in the mountains (cuz it was cold and plus it doesnt really count as "public persay...:) I think they are sloppy and messy. But one exception to this is... YOGA PANTS! Most comfortable pants money can buy. I have a super cute flare leg aerie pair from the ae outlet in gaffney,sc. They have a super cute chevron waistband and they are adorable! For some reason, yoga pants seem alot.. neater to me then sweatpants. They are almost like... chic wide leg work out pants lol. but I still dont wear them in public that much. But if you want to be comfy, say you are going camping, traveling, babysitting, going on a retreat in the mountains, going to a sleepover etc etc etc. Here are a few really cute ways that I would "dress up" my yoga pants!

1. With a button down and my hair in a half up with pearl earrings. and flip flops or toms.

2. With a soft cardigan.

3. With a loose drapey tee and sandals. (this one is the mosy casual, but still not slobby or dumpy)

4. A girly sweater, matching flats and edgy earrings

They all look cute, but not not dumpy or slobby.Yeah so next time you are gonna wear some yoga pants, try some of these cute combos! "
from: lendroitdestyle.blogspot.com 
hey! thats my blog:)
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