Haiii everyone (: So it's @hmcr here :D
I figured I'd make a tip because I've been wanting to for a long time but I didn't want to make it on MY account, so I'm doing it here. I felt it would fit in better and because I want to share with all of you lovely girls this tip :D
&& because I've been wanting to join a tip account, but I've never had a tip to audition with so now I'll have one ;D
How to EXCEL at school. What does this mean?Well, I'm going to share with all of you beautiful ladies how to get high {or at least higher} grades, how to keep up your grades, etc.

Teachers are a really essential part to getting high grades cause' they're the ones who DECiDE your grades. No you can't choose how your teacher acts, how your teacher teaches, or how your teacher grades, but you CAN get on your teachers good side. How:

Cheesy I know, but if you act totally yourself around teachers, they'll like you more (:
Honestly! You don't have to act differently around your teachers ( As long as your still classy and respectable towards them ). For example, I love fashion, so I wear different head pieces (headbands, clips, etc ) everyday, then my language teacher said "You know, we should have a Hannah {insert last name here} day where we all wear stuff on our hair! " Haha, so my teacher likes me because I'm UNiQUE and UNAFRAiD to be myself . Or for example, I have a really high-pitched sneeze, I can't control it, but my teachers think it's really cute xD. When my classmates act casual [but classy, not rude] around our teachers, it makes THEM comfortable and casual too. So remember : BE YOURSELF

Teachers LOVE this. Not only does it help you get higher grades, but teachers will LOVE you as well (: Even if you don't know the answer, teachers appreciate it if you TRY. Or even if you don't understand, asking questions to help you understand makes the teachers think you're iNTERESTED. LiSTENiNG, even if you aren't really listening, at least look like you are by keeping eye contact. 

No you don't have to give your teachers apples, but complementing them never hurts. As well as asking them if they need help with anything and telling the class to be quiet. Even if you aren't the best at that class, teachers will like you if you're always trying to help. But don't try too hard! Don't look like you're going out of your way to help, be casual. 

- SMiLE and be POSiTiVE
Teachers love this! Not only does it give you a good image and reputation, it makes the teacher happier as well- remember HAPPiNESS iS CONTAGiOUS. 

Have all the materials you can have, scissors, tape, glue, stapler, etc. Even if these aren't required, the teachers love it when you have them. Or when the teacher is going to hang something and is like, "Who has tape?" be the first to give it to your teacher. Not only does this make the teacher love you, but it is very useful for projects and stuff

They love it when you ask about their day, or weekend. Not only is it fun too hear what celebrities your teachers like, but they like it that they can talk to you in a casual manner

There are many other ways to get the teachers to like you, but these are the most common and effective.*Note: this also depends on your teacher. 

Always take notes. For some, it's easier for them to write only important bullet points, but for me, [because I write fast but badly] I write everything. So it varies for everyone. I hate writing and reading, so if the teacher talks or teaches slow, I like color coding my notes, doodling on them, and writing them in cool fonts. There is NOTHING wrong with decorating your notes, some find it distracting, but for some, like me, it actually helps (: ALSO, when you write things down, you're more likely to remember them :D

These are very important to high grades, you may not notice because there are a lot of them, but when you add them together they make a huge part of your grades.

I admit, I don't always finish or do my homework at home. But I ALWAYS finish my homework...somehow xD
Homework is meant to be done at home, but if you really don't have time, you can always do them during breaks. If there are no breaks before it, you can sometimes get away with doing it during class. && if it's first period, you might be able to get away with doing it during morning assembly//homeroom. NEVER copy others' homework, sometimes it's obvious that it's copied (depending on the homework. If there is only one answer, it isn't obvious, but if you have to be creative or write stuff, avoid copying)- and if the teacher finds out, BOTH of you will get in trouble. An easy way to do homework is in order of when it's due. If you have homework for tomorrow, do it before homework for the following day, etc.

I love projects! Usually they involve creativity and sometimes it's by group :D
Sometimes teachers let you choose how you want to do them, so find your strengths. Maybe you're good at powerpoints, or maybe oral reports, or essays, or maybe you can make them on polyvore, etc. Projects too, should be done in order of when it's due.

These are the most common way your teacher tests how well and much you learned. 

If you know you're having a quiz or test, STUDY YOUR BUTT OFF. There are many ways you can study. Some are better at just reading their notes, while others are better with flashcards, here are some things you can do to study:
> Read, browse, then reread your material. For some, if they just read it, it sticks.
> Have flashcards. Some have short attention spans, flashcards are PERFECT for that. You can just write important bullet points or facts, then keep studying those flashcards.
>Study groups. Are you a very social person? Maybe you are better off studying with your friends or classmates. This helps you see different opinions and perspectives.
> Being orally tested by friends or family. This is what I do. I read over my material, then ask my dad to ask me questions about it. When i do this, I don't have the feeling that if I forget//don't know, I can just look at the paper. 

Sometimes, the teacher will hint, sometimes the teacher won't. If you listened well or studied your notes, pop-quizzes won't be a problem, but if you didn't, cramming sometimes works. If your teacher gives you 2 or so minutes to study, just read the bullet and important parts, or don't even read, browsing might work too. Pop-quizzes are never long, so if you don't do as good as you could've- DON'T FEEL BAD. You can always make up for it ;D

If you have the time, extra credit doesn't hurt. Your teacher will appreciate that you are concerned for your grades, so don't be afraid to ask- maybe this is what you need to bring your grades up (:

*Might add more
So, I hope you like it :D
I hope it somewhat helped you, even a little bit (:
I'm tagging: 
@sixteenbeautifuldisasters (:
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thanks for the tagg:)
and I hope/think that some of these will help!!
ps: I write really bad too :D



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