Hey guys! So this is my first time tipping and I hope I do okay. :)

Getting your nails professionally done can be expensive but sometimes doing your own nails just turns out blah. Here are a few tricks to make your nails look great without having to pay a pricey bill. 

1- Essie. This is one of my favorite nail polish brands. They have gorgeous colors so you wont even need a fancy design on your nails to make them look cool and unique. 
2- cutepolish. If your looking for some really cute, easy designs to try, cutepolish is perfect. It's a youtube channel with tons of videos explaining, step by step, how to create adorable and fun little designs. In fact, the main picture in this set is a design by cutepolish. 
3- Keeping the edges clean. One way to really make your nails look professional is by keeping paint off the edges of your nails. Try hard to only paint on the actual nail and when you don't just take a q-tip or toothpick dipped in polish remover and wipe off the excess paint. 
4-Stickers. There are so many cute ways you can incorporate stickers into your manicure. And when I say stickers I'm referring to nail stickers. My favorite nail stickers are the Sally Hansen ones. They have some great designs and they are super easy to apply. Also, if you're someone who hates waiting for nail polish to dry these are amazing because there's no wait.

That's all for now I hope this inspires you to try something new and fun with your nails! 
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