hey guys! its justine :) okay so school can be stressful, especially when you feel like you are overwhelmed and can't go on with your normal life. here are some ways to help prevent that! ♥

O1// Write down all of the assignments you need to do in a notebook. As you get home try and start them the same day so that you can take your time and end up handing in neat work. Always finish your writing assignments during the week so that you can use the weekends to work on models and other projects. Dont be afraid to ask for help.

O2// Don't talk in class. If you do this you could miss out on key information. (At least don't when you're not supposed too!)

O3// Get enough sleep: try to get at least seven hours of sleep. Teenagers especially need LOTS of sleep to be alert in the morning. Getting a good nights sleep will help you focus in school.

O4// Try to complete your work while you have time in school. THIS IS IMPORTANT! this leaves time to do things after school!

O5// Understand it. You really want to understand what your homework is so that you know what to do when you get home. If you don't, ask someone. There is no harm in asking a teacher or someone else for help. Do not simply ask for answers, however: answers on homework will not help you understand what will be on the test. ask mom or dad if needed. Don't hesitate! People will help you if you need it.(:

O6// Know your grades. When the teacher offers to tell everyone their grade, find out your grade. Some schools allow their students to access their grades online. Take advantage if your school offers it. Knowing your grade really helps because if you need the extra help, this will show it!

O7// If you get a bad grade on a test or assignment, don't freak out. Ask your teacher about the questions you got wrong, if you don't understand them. Ask the teacher if you can retake the test, or ask for extra credit to make up the lost points.

O8// One thing I personally find helpful is a planner. This lets me know when I need to do assignments, when they NEED to be done by, and when I have time to hang out with friends or an extra activity. 

O9// Make goals! If you know what you want to do, write it down and find ways to achieve it!

1O// If friends are becoming a distraction, take some time away from them and focus on your grades. if they are really your friends, they will understand! 

hope i helped!(: 
xoxo justine ♥ (:
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Wrote 5 years ago
thank you :)

Wrote 5 years ago
@glitteringpixiedust Well today at school we meditated for 5-10 minutes today. It was really relaxing and after i was done i felt tired and it was only 3 hours into school!
there are more videos on guided mediation to! and you can also make up your own! you should do this before you go to bed!

Wrote 5 years ago
oh and i wany to go to cambridge top uni in engla nd so i need the top mark :/

Wrote 5 years ago
I'm in england not gonna lie im smart, but i have sleeping problems, and generally cant shut my brain off so i get about 5-6 hours sleep a day i get the bus at 7:30 am it takes me an hour to get to school, im just going into year 10 that means GSCE (big tests) we study them for yea 11 I am taking art (i rubbish but thats another story why the school made me take it) I really am bad its a 20 hour test, split over days! you do loads of projects in art, i am also taking drama, lots of after school get to gethers, i am taking textiles again lots of research and working through lunch! resisten materials is ok, but im doing higher maths!! lots of studdy and home work, english, is ok except ive got essays, short course re is a breeze :P and triple science, so moe work than 3/4's of the school!! How am I going to do this?? do you have any idea?? I was planning to eat lunch at break and stufy in libary at lunch but i miss my friends last time i did this, i CAN do this again, but i also spend 2 hours going back anf forth to schoola nd i work probably at the weekends maybe a few evening :( how am i gonna do this?? (the work is a maybe by the way) im sorry to bombard you with this!



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