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Hey guys it's Savannah and here is a super easy way to get long eyelashes without using fake eyelashes.
This will be especially beneficial to people who have short or straight eyelashes.

What You Need:
◎Makeup brush *optional
◎Baby Powder
◎Tissue or toilet paper.

◎Step 1
Put on one coat of your favorite mascara.

◎Step 2
Wait for about a minute until it is almost dry and put some baby powder on a makeup brush, or your finger.

◎Step 3
Hold a tissue under your eye and begin to brush baby powder onto your eyelases, the tissue will catch the extra baby powder.

◎Step 4
Continue gently brushing or blinking on baby powder until the front of your eyelashs are mostly covered

◎Step 5
wait about a minute and then put on a second coat of your mascara.

◎Step 6
Check the mirror, your eyelashes should look noticeably thicker and longer. 

◎Step 7
Repeat as many times as you would like 

This will make your eyelashes longer and thicker, but it also will make them a bit clumpy. This will only work if you like the clumpy look. 

ex: the one in the set or,
(which is becoming a huge trend btw) 

Hope this helps!

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