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Ways To Add Volume: 
- Use Volumizing shampoos and conditioners! They don't have to be expensive.
-Try using hair mousse or gel
-Blow dry your hair, using a round brush brush sections of your hair up and blow dry. This works well! 
-It's not good for your hair, but you can add volume by teasing your hair and spraying it. Most people use this with scene hair. 
-Getting a haircut to get rid of your spilt ends makes your hair look fuller and healthier 
-When you condition your hair, only put conditioner on the ends, not your roots.
-Change up the way you part your hair. Try not to part it in the middle. 
-Don't wash your hair everyday 
-Stay away from straightners/dye, let your hair go natural for a while and let it repair itself
-Wash your hair with Johnson's Baby Shampoo
-Keep your hair up in a ponytail while you sleep and let it down when you style it

I hope this has given people some help with getting volumized hair c: 


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