Hello guys! Nessi (@nessicaro) here. I'm really so sorry I didn't made a set so long, but first I had no ideas what to make a set about, then to many so I couldn't decide. Now I though about compliments and I wasn't sure if you'd like it or say: you get compliments when you get compliments, this is sh!t. Now I thought oh gosh it's already friday I have to do a set now so I hope you like it. However, lets start!

Everybody loves to get compliments. You love it too, don't you? I know you love it! You just feel so happy after getting a compliment. But maybe you wish people gice you more compliments? Then read on. This is what this tip is about!

♡ This is the most important point: give compliments! Like I've already said, everybody love to get compliments, so give some. People will immediatly think you're really sympathic or something. And probably they will give you a compliment back, most people do that!

♡ Make a cute nailstyle. If you have something very difficult, maybe you'll get compliments for this. Right now I'm wearing a Nailstyle which took 4 hours to make but every girl in my class gave me a compliment - even those who hate me! That was amesome!

♡ Wear supercute clothes. Maybe from a brand which in IN in your school or where you live. Or just others things which you really like! You see that picture of me in the left? I don't know why but I got compliments for this! 

♡ Have a cute hairstyle. If you normally have straight hair, try to curl it. If it looks good you probably will get compliments for it.

♡ Try something new. Cut your hair, have a new style or other things! Just try things you don't have/wear/do normally. Others will realize it and have a look on you. If they like it, maybe you'll get a compliment.

♡ Pictures. Yeah You can get many compliments on pictures. It doesn't matter if they are from the nature or selfies. When others like it or think you're pretty they'll say it. Maybe stragngers will give you compliments if you post in on facebook or other social medias.

♡ Use your talents. Are you a talented singer? Are you a good drawer? Actor? Are you Sporty? Can you do other things good? Everybody has a talent, use it! If you're a good drawer, draw pictures and show them others. If they like it, they'll say it! That works with all talents.

♡ Presentations. When you give a presentation in school and and your classmates ike it, maybe they wil come to you after that lesson and say that your presentation was good.

♡ You can get compliments for nearly everythings so just try it and show others your things! But never forget to say thank you, if you don't do it, maybe others won't givveyou comliments anymore!

I hope you liked it, if you have other situations or tips, comment. I will add them! Also comment if you have questions or something. Please like this set! 

Nessi xx

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Wrote three years ago

Wrote three years ago
@katie-and-jennas-1d-closet omg hahaha :D yeah I love her and would give her tons I'd compliments so.. <3

Wrote three years ago
Asjdhdjdnbggbdhbsubaiisybushbuebs you used a pic of el calder

Wrote three years ago
Thx 4 tag!

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