heey. here are some tips on how to get a great tan withoutt going to a tanning salon

-wear a bandeau bathing suit. the straps on the other kinds of bathing suits will give u odd tan lines when you wear tank tops.
-if you are tanning alone, undo the back of your bathing suit so you dont get a tan line back there and can wear shirts that show off your sexy, tan back (:
-apply spf 30 or 50 lotion. this way you will still be able to tan while protecting your skin. unless you tend to burn easy and/or have very light skin then use a higher spf to protect your skin.
-take breaks. go back inside or go swimming and then go back to tanning. give your skin a break and then you can cool off a little bit too.
-bring something to do while you tan. bring your ipod, a magazine, or a book so you can keep urself entertained(:
-tan equally on your front and back. time about half an hour on each side and then flip!
-keep your hair up and out of the way so it doesnt block your back when you tan.
-try not to wear sun glasses.. they will give u an awful tan!
-dont wear makeup while tanning, this way u can just put sunscreen on your face and be able to wipe off sweat and apply more easily
-do not skip putting sunscreen on your face!! if you get burned you will peel like no tomorrow and it is nawt hawt...
-if you do happen to get burned apply Aloe lotion or another moisturizing lotion to prevent peeling and help cool off and cure ur skin.

I hope these tips help and you all get gorgeous tans for summer(:
♥ Brittany

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