How is this year so far for you all? This is Peter with a tip requested by @disneylover12 the icon goddess. 

The point of Polyvore is not getting the most likes. The point is making friends, expressing your style, and having fun - but getting a lot of likes is great too. Sometimes though, you're not sure how to get more likes - here are a few tips to help you out :)

-GET MORE FOLLOWERS. The more followers you have, the more people see your sets. One sure-fire way to get followers is to find someone with a similar account to yours and follow all her followers. If you particularly like their username or profile picture, let them know! If you think their sets are cool, like them and comment on them! Please do not lie about your opinion, but don't say anything negative either.
-COPY SETS. Ok, ok - don't copy them exactly, be original. But if someone on polyvore makes particularly gorgeous sets, try to figure out what exactly you like about them. The simplicity? The complexity? The way the pictures all have the same color scheme? The way all the clothes have white outlines? Figuring out what you like about the sets and learning to replicate it will help you make more appealing sets!
-PUT A LOT OF WORK INTO YOUR ACCOUNT. A lot of work. The more you're online, the more sets you put out, the more followers you get, and the more you practice making sets, the more likes you'll get!

Hope this helped everyone! 


P.S. And have an interesting profile picture - if someone gets ten likes while they're offline, they'll be more likely to look at your page if you have an intriguing picture.

P.P.S. And have a nice profile description. Something easy to read and not too long.

P.P.P.S. ok, bye
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