hey guise, sorry it's been so long! school's been busy, what with the act and i'm now starting to study for ap tests- tip on those coming soon!

so we make salads a lot for dinner.
recently i realized one of the smartest ways to make a salad is to cut up all the ingredients and then put each individual one in a tupperware. that way you can choose how much of each thing you want for each salad (if you're making more than one), and you can have enough ready ingredients to work with for the week.

you'll need to cut up large amounts of each item, but it's a lot easier and less stressful to do all the chopping at once.
some ingredients that work well are:
-lettuce (of course!)
-any kind of leaf (spinach, kale, arugula, etc)
-cheese (mozzarella, cheddar, shredded 3-blend, etc)
-croutons, sesame sticks, those little yummy fried onion things!
-rice, quinoa, couscous
-and whatever else you think of! 
you should try and avoid eating fruit in your salad, simply because of the way the chemicals interact with your body and the other salad ingredients. try to avoid those mandarin oranges on top, no matter how good they taste!

i'm a vegetarian, so i L O V E to put tofu in my salad :)
there are so many different kinds too, which is great. i really like seasoned tofu, or the kind that comes in sauce. you can find tons of types at whole foods, trader joe's, h-mart, and i'm pretty sure places like dominick's and jewel's.

if you eat meat, just make sure everything is cooked all the way through before putting it in a container for storage. my mom likes to marinate and then saute flank steak and put that on her salads.

for storing left over salad that's already been mixed, my mom's always taught me that when using a plastic bag, put a paper towel in BEFORE the salad as a liner, so there won't be excess moisture. or you can simply use a tupperware or container!

i hope this helps with your future salad making plans :)


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