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Kiss your ex goodbye with these simple steps!

&+We all have one person we just can't get over, and there's usually no clear reason why that particular person has a hold on us. Some say it is a past-life connection, while others say it is because we finally had a connection with someone that we hadn't had with anyone in a long time. Due to this connection, we hold onto that person longer than we should just because we do not want to lose that feeling we once had.

&+There isn't an official "getting over your ex" handbook. But, what I have done in my past is burn or throw away everything that reminded me of my ex. I also have removed my exes from Facebook. With Facebook being so prevalent in everyones lives, it is necessary to not be friends with an ex at the start of a breakup.

&+Many people will use subliminal messages via status updates to get each others attention. I know you want to know his every move, but for your sake it is best to remove him in the beginning. If months down the road you two have figured out what most former couples can not, how to be mature and happy for each other, than by all means re-add him as a friend. But not a minute before. 

&+I also recommend staying away from his local spots. This became tricky for me and an ex because we both went to the same hangout spots. So, our relationship went back and forth longer than it should have because we ran into each other while we were drinking, which, of course, is another bad idea. Do not text while drinking. With liquid courage you say all the things you wish you would have said sober and then it all comes out all at once.

&+ Of course, most people say that time is both your friend and your enemy. As time goes on, you will start to miss your ex less and less. As months go on, you will start to realize why your relationship did not work. Most people romanticize relationships in the beginning of a breakup because we think we want that person back. We miss them and we do not want to be alone.

The best thing to do is ask your closest friends what they thought of your relationship. They will be brutally honest because they were there when you were crying about your ex.

&+Once you have been away from the ex and have finally moved on, you will start to realize that if it was meant to be it would have been. Some relationships are there to make us learn about what we want and what we do not want. Treat a relationship that did not work out as a learning experience. Be happy that they taught you what you did not want in a boyfriend or girlfriend. 

Credit to http://www.yourtango.com/experts/christy-goldstein/refreshing-feeling-once-youre-over-your-ex-expert

How To Get Over Your Ex: Top 10 Songs

10. “The Nicest Thing” – Kate Nash

This is the song to listen to RIGHT after a break up. It WILL make you cry, which is why you should only listen to it once. Do not put it on repeat because then you won’t be able to stop crying. Let it all out now! [Then listen to Kate Nash’s song “Pumpkin Soup” immediately afterwards, it will prepare you for the single life].

9. “I’m a Broken Heart” – The Bird and the Bee

Yet another sad song, but it’s a good song to listen to when everyone else is sick of hearing how heartbroken you are. You’ll just have to try harder to “make the best at happiness” on your own. Scary, but true. [Later on, listen to their song “My Love,” and you’ll be ready to find love again].

8. “Speechless” – Lady Gaga

These lyrics can speak for themselves: “I’ll never talk again / oh boy you’ve left me speechless / and I’ll never love again / oh boy you’ve left me speechless…” Even Lady Gaga’s heart breaks, so it’s okay to feel this way, just not for a long time. You’ll talk again, and you’ll love again, so don’t be stupid. 

7. “I Want You Back”- The Kooks

Listen to this song when you think you want them back. [Keynote: think].

6. “Mr. Therapy Man” – Justin Nozuka

Some lyrics are somewhat sappy (“My baby up and left me now /oh Mr. Therapy Man I need to ask you how / can I live on?”), but then the song picks up and you can almost feel his anger. The girl “stole his soul,” after all! Also ladies, watch this music video. He’s gorgeous. Probably more handsome than that bum who dumped you.[Warning: DON’T watch the video if you have a phobia of clowns].

5. “Telephone” – Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce

This goes out to all the exes who keep calling and annoying you, even after they confessed their hatred to you, or even after they say they never want to see you again. You know what I mean. Turn off your phone and enjoy yourself.

4. “Leave” – Once Soundtrack

By the end of this song, you’ll have the urge to scream along with Glen Hansard: “LEAVE!!! LET GO OF MY HAND, YOU SAID WHAT YOU HAVE TO, NOW LEAVE!!!” I’m sure if you scream this at your ex with the same passion as Glen Hansard, they may just back off and leave you alone. [Other good “break up songs” on this album: “Say it to Me Now” and “If You Want Me.” Check them out, or just watch the film, “Once”].

3. “For Reasons Unknown” – The Killers

I have never heard of this song until I stumbled upon it on YouTube whilst getting over my ex-boyfriend. He had started dating another girl immediately after me, and this song REALLY helped me realize that I was happier without him, and that I could do better. Plus, it’s a funny feeling when you can look at someone and wonder, “How did I ever like/love that person for SO long?!” If you haven’t realized this about your ex yet, listen to “For Reasons Unknown,” and then you’ll understand what I mean. 

2. “Peachy” – Missy Higgins

I recommend watching the music video to this song as well. Missy Higgins sings this unique break up song with a smile on her face. It is not your fault, and your ex is probably lying when they say, “life is peachy” without you. I like this song because it’s upbeat, yet the lyrics are filled with hate. Perfect combination! 

1. “F*** It (I Don’t Want You Back)” – Eamon

Remember this? This brings back memories of my best friend from high school blaring this song in her car whenever she had boy troubles. It may sound sweet at first, but the chorus is a slap in the face. This song is especially good for those relationships that ended due to a cheating boyfriend/girlfriend. Honestly, this is not the greatest song ever written, but it will make you smile, and it is, according to me, THE ultimate break up song. Listen, laugh, and move on!!

There are hundreds of other songs you can listen to, and trust me; there are better people out there. To quote Liz Phair: “Isn’t this best part 
of breaking up / finding someone else you can’t get enough of?"

Well babe, i hope this helped! Remember I am always here to talk. PM me on here, or on my personal//@mikayla-horan-lover ANYTIME if you need someone to talk to. Smile, You Deserve To:)

Love Y'all!
Stay Beautiful!xo

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